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‘The Challenge’: Did Dee’s Pettiness Ruin Her Shot At Winning?

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Whenever a new season of The Challenge starts, we expect it to take a while for the competitors to start making ridiculous moves. However, it didn’t take that long for Dee Nguyen to potentially mess up her game.

In the second episode of The Challenge 35 which aired April 8th, Dee’s ex, Rogan, was flirting with Jenn. Dee has admitted that she didn’t think she could handle him getting close to another woman in front of her. This proved to be true and this turned Jenn into public enemy number one. Dee, Cory, and Swaggy C went on to win the competition and Dee was put in a very unique situation.

The tribunal’s job is to interrogate three people for elimination after the house chooses their nominee. It was a girls elimination week. This meant that as long as the house chose to eliminate Jenn, Dee could have a say on who went up against her. The tribunal decided on interrogating Tori, Jenn, and Big T.

Dee’s options on The Challenge 35

Tori thought that because she and Jordan helped Dee win last season of The Challenge, that she would put Tori in without hesitation. Well, Tori learned quickly that Dee had no intention of putting Tori in. Instead, she planned to put Jenny in, who is arguably the most dangerous competitor of the season.

Tori tried to talk Dee into putting her in instead of Jenny. After all, choosing Jenny would not only burn her bridge with Tori and Jordan, but it would give Jenny the red skull that she needs to qualify for the final. At least if she put Tori into purgatory, she would have a chance at beating her in the final.

TJ reveals another power the tribunal has

Right before the tribunal announced their choice to go up against Jenn, TJ had something to say. He told the competitors that not only can the tribunal vote for one of the three they interrogated, but they can choose to go in on their own. This would have been the perfect opportunity for Dee to go up against Jenn herself. Take out the one person she saw as a threat. Not to mention, Jenn proved that she was a weak competitor so this would be an easy red skull for Dee.

Instead of taking out her biggest target herself, she gave Jenny the opportunity to compete. Dee was worried that she would lose to Jenn and forever be embarrassed. Jenny won and Jenn was eliminated just like Dee wanted. The problem now is that Jenny is the only woman who qualifies to run in the final. Beating her in purgatory is going to be a challenge for the women left in the competition.

Do you think that Dee made the right decision or did her being hell-bent on getting Jenn out ruin her shot at winning?

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