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‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’: Sneaky Dream Date Twist Turns Tempestuous for Couples

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Every so often on Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love, Pastor Cal Roberson shows his wicked side. Yes, he is a world-recognized mentor for healthy marital relationships and a pastor.  The Married at First Sight expert also has a ripe sense of humor, and he certainly had fun fooling the three couples on the experimental effort to secure family blessings.  This week, the April 8 episode “Dream Date or Living Dangerously,” had a premise that really appealed to be engaged pairs, before Pastor Cal spilled the truth.

Kee Kee feels betrayed on two fronts in this ‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’

Of all the Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love couples, Kee Kee and Kareem have faced the most difficult road.  The two are clearly devoted to each other, and Kee Kee’s son, Geoffrey.  The mothers on both sides, however, have been dead set against their marriage.

Kareem described the dream date that he and Kee Kee planned to Pastor Cal.  The couple seldom gets romantic dinners, and certainly don’t come from extravagant roots.  Kareem described having a private chef prepare and elegant dinner in a luxury suite.  Kee Kee’s eyes grew wide with delight just from hearing the description.  Pastor Cal gushed: “That sounds just wonderful!” before he dropped the hammer.

He revealed that the “dream date” would actually be spent with the in-law family members.  Kee Kee’s mom, Marvalene, would actually be the one treated to the luxury by Kareem. Instantly, Kee Kee was crestfallen.  Her eyes filled with tears and Pastor Cal noticed.  “We don’t ever get something like this,” she related, “so to find out it’s like this is hard.” Pastor Cal, of course, has a higher motive in the tables for the couple, but Kee Kee really takes this set up hard.  This Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love task was almost too much.

Kareem tries to roll with the punches.  He is willing to handle the bait and switch with his mother in law.  He teases Kee Kee about losing her special evening, and she goes ballistic.  She explodes with her fiancé later, relating how he didn’t give any respect to her feelings. She cleans the kitchen with buzz saw ferocity. Kareem told her how he feels hit from all sides. He’s doing his best to get the blessing and be the best husband and son-in-law material.  Kee Kee started to have doubts as to whether she could take a marriage filled with this much conflict. The uncharacteristic feud was featured in International Business Times.

Marvalene loves the dinner but not the wedding date

Marvalene loved her dinner, especially the lobster bisque.  It’s obvious that she is warming to her Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love future son-in-law, but she is not ready for that marriage, in just two weeks.  She did say that she knows Kareem loves Kee Kee and Geoffrey, and she knows her daughter loves them, but the experiment has been a whirlwind. Kareem is going the extra mile, and then some.  A blessing may come after all.

Kareem tries to clear the air with Kee Kee. He comes home with flowers and the same chocolates as the ones on his dinner date.  Kee Kee is naturally touched, but still concerned about not being heard or validated.  She and Kareem recall there four years together, and decide that they are going to marry, with or without the blessing in their Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love journey.

A carriage ride with a tough question

Willi and Cameron also had romance on the brain when the couple planned a carriage ride around scenic Atlanta.  The disappointment was clear when Cameron realized that Willi’s mom, Leah, would be his guest.

There were no fireworks between these two after all Cameron and Willi have lived in Leah and Michael’s basement for nearly 3 years.  Odd as it is, the couple has never considered the deep questions regarding their differing faiths. Cameron questioned Leah about her conversion to Judaism, thinking that it was aimed at creating a peaceful home and pleasing her husband.

Leah explained that once she studied the Hebraic faith, she found it “more open and accepting” about individual choices in pleasing God.  She asked Cameron a very hard question at the end of their evening ride.  “I consider Jesus as my Lord and Savior,” Cameron tells his future mother-in-law.  “Do you think Willi will go to hell in the afterlife?” Leah asks bluntly.  Cameron admits that he never considered such a question.  He already has much to learn about when he meets with the family rabbi.

Willi also asks for her own re-do of the romantic date, since hiking or a walk is what they usually do.  She contends that she and Cameron are comfortable moving forward “as an interfaith couple,” but Cameron knows that some questions involved don’t have easy answers.

Chris can’t escape Kelly on the ‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’ escape house date

Blair would love nothing more than solving her way out of a horror-themed escape house with Chris.  Their dream date was perfect for the horror movie producer and her intended, but of course, Pastor Cal’s switch meant that Kelly would meet Chris in the scary lockup.

Before the date, mom was already getting to Blair with texts, declaring that “this whole process” on  Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love was a “big mistake that will ruin your life.”  Sometimes, moms really know how to push buttons, and Kelly also concerned Chris by saying that Blair doesn’t share “the whole truth” about how she feels.

Chris consoled Blair, and he told her he would ask his would-be mother-in-law about the text.

Kelly at least turned up for the date that was supposed to be a ball for Blair.  Kelly screamed and jumped almost every second, but didn’t do much to help in the escape.  When Chris asked her about the text, she related that “sometimes she [Blair] doesn’t tell you 100% truth.”

“Two weeks is just too soon,” the disapproving mom added.

Chris reiterated how “you’re not gonna change her,” to Blair when he got home.  The stress of Kelly’s communications and disdain are making Blair feel “broken down,” as she admitted.

Fans can only hope that this Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love bride and the other couples will ultimately make decisions that are best for their futures, with or without the blessing.  There’s no telling what Pastor Cal may pull out of his relationship bag before the wedding days.

Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love airs Wednesday after Married at First Sight on Lifetime.

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