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‘VPR’: Jax Taylor Asks Fans What They Look Forward To After Coronavirus Pandemic

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VPR star Jax Taylor once said that the coronavirus is “a punishment from the man upstairs.” But, now he looks forward to the day it all ends and people get back to their lives. He asked fans what they plan on doing once the pandemic’s under control. Many of them responded and mostly, they think about good food, family, and getting back to work.

VPR – Jax Taylor calls for ideas post-coronavirus

Jax, the Vanderpump Rules star took to his Twitter and asked fans, “What’s the first thing you are gonna do when the world opens back up?” Well, nobody knows when that might happen. And, some fans pointed out that American lifestyles might change forever. But, plenty of them responded with their thoughts on it. And, it looks like the majority hope they spend time with family they can’t see right now. Other followers hope for a great meal, and loads of them hope they can get back to their day jobs.

VPR fans came up with plenty of great ideas and fun things to do. Here’s a few things that grip the minds of foodies:

  • “Go to my favorite restaurant and order their biggest burger.”
  • “Order everything at the nearest restaurant.”
  • “I’m going out to dinner and then I’m going to get some cocktails.”
  • “Dinner with all my girlfriends!!!!”
  • “Take aways! The thought of someone else doing the cooking is Smiling face with 3 hearts.”
  • “Support our service industry. Get a drink. Get a meal. Tip more than 20%. Be a friend.”

Other VPR fans look forward to working off all those carbs they already ate at the gym.

Family’s a big must after coronavirus

For very many people, just catching up with family members sounds like the most important thing they look forward to. One follower said, “Run and hug my 3 nieces.” In fact, that person’s not alone. Huge numbers of people feel the need to catch up with family and just hug everyone for ages. Actually, that’s not surprising as Healthline mentions the befits of humans hugging. They noted in 2018, that hugging helps “reduce stress,” makes your “heart happier,” and helps “reduce fear.” After the fearful time of the virus, and all the stress, hugging’s just the right thing to help us improve our mental health, it seems.

Talking about family relationships, many people worry about their family members suffering from cancer. Many of them say that chemo’s been put on the backburner. All they want is for their loved ones to resume treatment. One VPR fan wrote, “Get my dads chemo Started again.” And, another person commented, “Get my chemo God willing… stay inside save a life god bless us all.” Others hope they can visit their family members who suffered from other medical conditions like strokes.

Work seems rather appealing to many VPR fans

While we may think that staying at home’s better than dragging ourselves to work every day, many Vanderpump Rules fans miss that. They decided that’s not so bad after all. “I hope return to work …miss my school I miss the staff I miss helping. We all miss the children!! I miss working!!!,” one fan wrote. Others feel the need for productive times that help them boost or restart their savings. Actually, even those people working from home prefer the convivial workplace to their own space.

One of the man messages that emerged from VPR fans focuses on the future. One or two felt so depressed they can’t believe in a future anymore. But “hope springs eternal,” as the saying goes. Jax once said the coronavirus could be “punishment from the man upstairs.” Well, if it is, then loads of his followers think they already did their penance and just wish for food, family, and work opportunity.

What do you look forward to after the pandemic? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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