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Duggar Fans Shame Ben Seewald Over Choking Hazard

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On Tuesday evening, Ben Seewald shared a new video of his 10-month-old daughter Ivy. Most Duggar fans think the video’s really sweet. But, of course, the comments section isn’t completely clear of parent-shamers.

As TV Shows Ace reports, Ivy was playing a Baby Shark game. The game involves a spinning circular base that plays the “Baby Shark” song. There are small plastic sharks that also rotate with the base. The goal of the game is to catch the sharks. While the game includes fishing poles, Ivy was quick to figure out that it’s much easier to use her hands. As Ivy “goes fishing,” she giggles and smiles. She seems to be proud of the pile of sharks she has gathered.

Duggar fans applauded Ivy for her creativity. They think she’s very bright. Ben’s mom even commented and said, “Ivy Jane plays her own way. 😘😘😘” Ben also thinks his daughter’s smart as he wrote, “Who needs a fishing pole? She has her own methods.”

Duggar fans parent-shame Ben over choking hazard

Shortly after Ben shared the video, the parent-shaming began. Someone commented, “Love the fishing game!! But those pieces are choking hazards for her age. I’m a child care Director. Be careful and be safe.” To this, another Duggar fan said, “oh, do shut up❗ her parents are attentive & encouraging & her big brother is watching over her; none of the fish came near her mouth.”

It’s obvious from the video that Jessa and Ben are nearby. They can be heard in the background of the video. Plus, someone is obviously recording the video. Several other fans pointed this out to the parent-shamer.

This isn’t the first time that Ben and Jessa have taken the heat over how they raise their kids. No matter what they do, Ben and Jessa receive a combination of positive and negative comments from Duggar fans. Recently, fans freaked out over Jessa and Ben allowing their kids to use a climbing dome in the backyard. Fans predicted broken bones. Fortunately, this time around, most of the comments were supportive and just a few of them mention Ivy’s safety.

As of right now, Ben and Jessa haven’t replied to the negative comments on the post. And, it’s unlikely they’ll say anything. After all, Ivy is getting a lot of love in the comments section. There are just a few negative comments here and there.

Do you agree with the parent-shamers? Or, do you think that it’s no big deal because Ben and Jessa are nearby? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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