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‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Says He Hopes Clare Crawley’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season Changes Franchise

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Former Bachelor Colton Underwood is finally out of his contract with the franchise. Since then, he has been holding nothing back. He’s talked about production and even how he wasn’t allowed to talk about Peter Weber’s season. Now, he’s hoping the new leading lady can change they way The Bachelor franchise does business.

Colton speaks out about things he doesn’t agree with

CheatSheet shared details of an interview Colton recently did. He talked about the double standards surrounding his virginity. He  also discussed how production was good at manipulating the lead.

As far as the show using his virginity, Colton said, I just went along with it and kept my mouth shut because that was what I was told to do. I was realizing ‘I’m OK with you guys poking fun every once in a while.’ But when it becomes my narrative — when it becomes ‘Hey, let’s get this guy laid’ instead of ‘Let’s find love for him’ — that’s when it was challenging for me.”

A big thing Colton is not happy with is how The Bachelor producers crossed lines in regards to his relationship with Cassie Randolph. Cassie self-eliminated following hometown dates. According to what Colton has said, production tried to push Cassie to leave. They encouraged it.

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Like so many people my age, and maybe like you, i am a mix of contradictions as i try to figure out where i fit in. I can be tough one day and cry the next. I can get angry, but i can be vulnerable, too. My mood changes daily. I make mistakes. I am not afraid to try new things. I want to be successful. But i find the most meaning when i help other people. There’s something about giving selflessly that makes me my best self. Going on the bachelor brought a lot to me — some good, some bad, and some I’ll never be able to figure out. I went looking for love and found out more about myself than i imagined. Today, I get to add “Author” to the list of words that describe me among many other things. I hope that this book can resonate or help even just one person that is struggle or going through a rough time in their life. Thank you all so much for going on this ride with me. ♥️🤙🏼

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What he said about Cassie

Colton said, “If you’re gonna make a show, at least give me a fair shot to end up with the girl that I’m falling in love with. Your job as a show is to make us come together. I understand we did [come together] at the end. But I had to take it into my own hands and be extreme with it. They value their TV show more so than the love story that they always promote. Actually, there were some things you did that drove us apart and if I didn’t stand up for myself, I probably wouldn’t be with Cassie today.”

Colton knew he was in love with Cassie. However, the producers pushed him to have conversations with more than one dad on hometowns. He ended up asking all four dad’s for their permission to marry their daughters. Colton said of production, “Those are the cutthroat things. They can do a better job of taking a step back and letting the contestants have control over their love and their story.”

Colton hopes Clare can change the franchise

Colton believes Clare has what it takes to change the franchise and how they do things. While he wishes Peter would have stood up for himself more, he knows Clare will not tolerate being manipulated. He believes Clare will not take being disrespected.

He said, “I like the franchise, I really do. I just hope that they change. But I think this year is the opportunity for it with Clare. Hopefully you don’t have to manipulate a 38-year-old grown woman to do things. Hopefully she doesn’t play any games.” Colton finished up saying,  “Clare seems like the one who will stand up and say, ‘This is what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna respect me and honor my wishes this way.’”

We will all have to wait to see if Colton is right. The Bachelorette is currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Clare will no doubt give them all a run for their money and we are here for it.


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