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5 Reasons Why It’s Time for ‘VPR’s Last Call

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Fans of Vanderpump Rules know the theme song by heart. “Raise your glasses high, this one’s for you tonight.” When the show premiered back in 2013, Jax, Stassi,  and the others were aspiring actors and models, working at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants while they waited for their big break. 

For most of them, the big break never came, but reality star fame did. Most of the cast is now in their mid-to-late 30s, coupled off and eager to start families. Only Jax Taylor and Scheana Shay still work at SUR. The rest make occasional appearances for the cameras.

Bravo did bring in new cast members, hoping to breathe new life into the show. But fans are not warming up to the problematic newbies. Variety wonders if it’s time for the network to retool the show, perhaps even spinning the OGs off into their own show. 

Here are 5 legit complaints viewers have about Vanderpump Rules, 8 seasons in. 

Enough with the VPR Weddings

VPR co-stars and couple Jax and Brittany Cartwright were married in the summer of 2019. Fans wondered if they’d get another shot at a spin-off (their Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky lasted one season.) Instead, Bravo incorporated the wedding into Season 8. 

The wedding dragged out for several episodes and fans were not happy. One fan took to Twitter to joke about having to sit through a second wedding for Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. As fans know, Schwartz forgot to file the paperwork after their Season 5 wedding.

Lala Kent is set to marry film producer Randall Emmett in July. Her wedding was originally April 18, but had to postpone it due to the coronavirus crisis. 

Stassi Schroeder is planning an October wedding in Rome, Italy. TV Shows Ace reports that she may also have to change her plans if the outbreak isn’t under control by then. 

The New VPR Cast Members are a Snoozefest

Dayna Kathan, Danica Dow, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni joined the OGs for Season 8. Also joining the main cast this season are Stassi’s beau, Beau Clark, and Randall. After the first episode of the season, past racist tweets by Max and Brett resurfaced on Twitter. In cancel culture 2020, somehow the two kept their jobs on VPR

Dayna briefly dated Max but now she seems to be moving on to Brett. Many fans echo the sentiment in this tweet: the newbies suck.

And Scheana is Stuck in a Newbie Sandwich

For some reason, Scheana was put in the middle of a triangle between Max and Dayna. Dayna said it best when she asked Scheana if she was 16. (She’s not. According to Brett, Scheana is “middle-aged” at the age of 34.) 

As Variety points out, the original premise of the show was built on Scheana’s back. No pun intended. She was first introduced on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where she had a run-in with Brandi Glanville, the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian. Scheana had an affair with Eddie while he was still married to Brandi. 

As Scheana recently pointed out, VPR portrays her as a boy-crazy divorcee who never leaves SUR. This week’s episode briefly touched on her real life, giving a glimpse into why she is freezing her eggs at such an early age. 

Fans See Through the Pretense of ‘Working’ at SUR

Once upon a time, all of the main cast members worked at SUR. As the seasons went by, they quit or were fired one by one. Now only Jax and Scheana work there. But during Season 8, fans saw Ariana practically beg for her job back to fight off depression. 

By this point, fans know that the cast of VPR are wealthy enough that they don’t need to work at a restaurant for tips. In fact, half of the cast just bought million-dollar homes in the same neighborhood. 

VPR was once a show about 20-somethings working at SUR to make rent while they waited for their big break. Now that aspect is just a sham for the cameras. 

Nothing Seems Real or Genuine on VPR Anymore

One of the biggest complaints fans have is that VPR seems overly scripted and fake. In fact, earlier this season, viewers noticed that Ariana Madix’s hair and outfit changed during a heartfelt conversation she had with Lisa. 

It turns out that the scene had to be reshot several times. The same is true for Stassi and Tom Sandoval’s blowout argument at TomTom this season. Ariana defended the reshoot as standard for reality television. 

The one authentic incident that happened during filming – Randall’s brief feud with rapper Fifty Cent – will not be on the show due to “legal reasons.” 

Interestingly, Variety reports that before finally agreeing to appear this season, Randall made the cast sign NDAs, barring them from so much as saying his name. 

For some fans, not even Beau’s love for Stassi seems real. Many fans feel that Beau is with Stassi to be on camera.

Brittany, Lala and Stassi have all expressed plans to have babies soon. The end of Vanderpump Rules could be upon us. 

Tell us in the comments if you think it’s time for VPR’s last call? Are you enjoying Season 8 or watch out of habit at this point? 

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays on Bravo. Check out the preview for next week’s episode below. 

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