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Duggar: Jessa Seewald Reflects On Her Childhood

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In a new YouTube video, Jessa Seewald talks about her childhood. In this video specifically, she focuses on the special memories she has with her dad, Jim Bob Duggar. Jessa talks about what sparked this idea, saying, “During this time of quarantine we’re missing family so much! But it’s been a good time to slow down and reflect. I’ve been looking through old family pictures and thinking back on my childhood.

Then, she also says, “As I’m raising my own kids now, I look back on my growing up years and I’m so grateful to God for the parents he blessed me with. This is the fruit of those reflections.

Jessa’s video about her childhood is nearly an hour long. The Duggar daughter wrote out four whole pages of things she wanted to make sure she included in the video too. She says that the “list just goes on and on.”

Jessa starts her video by saying, “Of course, there may be some things that we don’t see eye-to-eye on with our parents.” She talks about starting her own family, raising her own kids, and taking this time to reflect on her own childhood.

The Duggar daughter says that she’s a lot like her dad and that neither of them are perfect. She says that her dad is “a man who truly does love the Lord.” That’s one of the her favorite memories from her childhood, so she’s sure to include it in the video.

You can see the whole video at the end of this article. There are many favorite memories included in Jessa’s video.

Jessa Seewald promises a video about her mom next

It sounds like Jessa isn’t stopping with just this one video. In her video, she says that she might make a few similar videos. She has plans to make another video soon. The next one will be about her mom. Jessa explains, “Part 2 will be ‘Mom’ (though she’s such an amazing woman that I could easily turn that into a mini-series!). Love these people more than words can describe, and I’m so thankful to call them my parents!

Jessa didn’t share when the next video will come out. She creates YouTube videos regularly though, so it should be up soon.

Duggar fans love Jessa’s new video

In response to Jessa’s new video, she’s getting a lot of love. Her social media followers seem to love it. They think that the video is really touching and that her dad must have loved getting to watch it. One of Jessa’s followers commented, “Watched that video this morning – such a sweet idea! Looking forward to part two ❤️

Anna Duggar, Jessa’s sister-in-law, commented on the Instagram post. She wrote, “This is so sweet! We really enjoyed watching it! We are so blessed to have Pops and he is a fun grandpa and a great father-in-law!

The video apparently gave a few fans a little bit of a heart attack. Several of Jessa’s Instagram followers commented and said that they were worried that the video was a memorial. They feared the worst about Jim Bob. Fortunately, Jessa has been thinking about her family lately and is missing them. So, that’s where the idea came from. Duggar fans can relax and know that Jim Bob is totally fine.

So, what do you think of Jessa’s new YouTube video? Did you watch the whole thing? Share your thoughts below.

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