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‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown’s With Her Folks – Fans Think She Puts Them At Risk Of Coronavirus

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The Bachelorette fans couldn’t help but notice Hannah Brown hung with Tyler and Ryan Cameron in Flordia during social-distancing. However, Hannah returned home to Alabama to be with her folks. Shocked fans condemned her for going home and possibly exposing her parents to the risk of the coronavirus.

The Bachelorette – Hannah missed  her parents, wanted to be closer during the coronavirus

TV Shows Ace reported that Hannah joined Tyler, his brother Ryan and some close friends in Florida. For a while now, plenty of clowning around and Tik Tok videos emerged of them having a blast together. Terming themselves the “quarantine crew,” their antics entertained plenty of people. However, Hannah seemingly decided that during this scary time she’d prefer being close to her loved ones. We noted, “she wanted to ride out the rest of this closer to her family.”

Meanwhile, Life & Style reported that Hannah drove back to Tuscaloosa. As for the rest of the Quarantine Crew, they “still live it up” at Tyler’s place in Florida. There, they still “goof around a lot,” we noted.”  Now, it looks like The Bachelorette star continues the “goofy” tradition back home. She shared on Instagram about making a Tik Tok of herself and her dad. They did the “Woah,” but Robert wasn’t all that happy she recorded it. Many fans hated that Hannah went home during the coronavirus as they grow concerned she puts them at risk.

Unhappy fans shocked at Hannah Brown going home

On Hannah’s post, unhappy fans shared their shock and plain disgust at Hannah going home. Actually, many of them feel she’s just not getting this social-distancing thing. One scathingly wrote, ” That’s not what social distancing is. Your supposed to stay in place not traveling.” Another one wrote, “none of them are sick THAT THEY KNOW OF. Despite recent spin, we have known for weeks/months you can have and spread this while being asymptomatic.” Others said Hannah’s just plain “irresponsible.”

One The Bachelorette fan with strong feelings noted, “First you hang out with 10+ people then you fly over to see your parents. These are the mentalities that are messing us up🤦‍♀️.”

One person who agreed replied, commenting, “you should be distancing from family after being around a bunch of other people and flying… why is this concept so hard for the south?! 🤷🏻‍♀️” Another felt, “Some Celebrities think they are immune apparently ….clearly they aren’t. It’s unfortunate she’s being so socially irresponsible. It can be a danger to many!” It should be noted though that she drove home.

What do you think about Hannah Brown going back home from Florida to Alabama? Do you think she could put her parents at risk of the coronavirus? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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