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Colton Underwood Didn’t Watch Peter Weber’s Season Of ‘The Bachelor,’ But Still Has Very Strong Opinions About Him

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Colton Underwood admitted he didn’t watch Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have strong opinions about it. It was pretty easy to keep up with Peter’s season since it was kind of hard to escape. It was everywhere since it’s all that people talked about.

Bachelor Nation can agree on one thing and that is Peter Weber is very indecisive. It became well-known that he couldn’t make up his mind about the women on the show. He also didn’t make the best decisions. And his Bachelor predecessor has some strong feelings about Peter.

He admits he didn’t watch Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor

Colton Underwood explained why he didn’t watch it on Thursday’s episode of The Jenny McCarthy Show, as per E! News.

“Honestly, I did not [watch],” Colton said. “I had a little PTSD,” adding that he didn’t even follow along on social media. He then explained it was “just the frustration” of being on the show that prevented him from enjoying Peter’s messy season.

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Like so many people my age, and maybe like you, i am a mix of contradictions as i try to figure out where i fit in. I can be tough one day and cry the next. I can get angry, but i can be vulnerable, too. My mood changes daily. I make mistakes. I am not afraid to try new things. I want to be successful. But i find the most meaning when i help other people. There’s something about giving selflessly that makes me my best self. Going on the bachelor brought a lot to me — some good, some bad, and some I’ll never be able to figure out. I went looking for love and found out more about myself than i imagined. Today, I get to add “Author” to the list of words that describe me among many other things. I hope that this book can resonate or help even just one person that is struggle or going through a rough time in their life. Thank you all so much for going on this ride with me. ♥️🤙🏼

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“I’m not really under contract anymore, which is great,” Colton explained. “But at the same time I was. So, I couldn’t really speak out or if I got frustrated, I couldn’t tweet anything. I think for me it was to avoid any temptation of pissing production off in a way. So, I just sort of took a couple steps back.”

Regardless, Colton said he “watched what happened” and “heard what happened.” That’s how he was able to form so many opinions about Peter. And he didn’t hold back on some of his opinions.

Colton Underwood admits he wanted to “shake” Peter

Colton Underwood also sat down for an exclusive interview (via video chat) with Entertainment Tonight, as per Gold Derby. He revealed that he wished Peter would’ve had a stronger backbone throughout the season. He feels that Peter could’ve had more control over his season if he was willing.

“I just would’ve loved to see Peter stand up for himself more and put his foot down,” Colton said. “I’m not only saying stand up to some of the women on his season, but even with production and things going on behind the scenes. I just would’ve loved for Peter to be like, ‘Listen, guys, this is what I want, this is what we need to figure out, we need to get this done.'”

Peter was clearly a pushover all throughout the season. He watched the drama unfold among his group of women. He was also hesitant about making decisions. Colton also feels that Peter let production control his “narrative.”

“There’s certain things. You just wanna shake him up and be like, ‘Dude take back control. This is your story, you are going to be Peter after this. You’re not going to be the Bachelor forever. So if you want a healthy, strong relationship after this, you are going to have to fight for it.'”

Colton knows what it’s like to grow a backbone. In his new book, The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love on Reality TV, the former NFL player talks about his issues with production. He also addressed how he told producers before the fantasy suite dates that he wanted to choose his now-girlfriend Cassie Randolph.

Production may have been the reason that Cassie left the show, which led to Colton’s iconic fence jump.

Do you agree with what Colton Underwood has to say about Peter Weber? Sound off below in the comments section.

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