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Kody Brown: Strained Relationship With Robyn Is ‘Pathetic’ & ‘Ridiculous’ 

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Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn haven’t been on good terms during this season of Sister Wives. The duo have been at each other’s throats about nearly everything. Fans of the TLC series have found the ongoing tension between the two a bit perplexing. After all, Robyn was considered to be his favorite wife who he spent most of his time with.

The move to Flagstaff caused financial and emotional turmoil.

Sister Wives fans watched as Kody Brown packed up his family and moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. As Cheat Sheet reminds us, this isn’t something Kody Brown’s wives really wanted to do.

The move has resulted in a lot of fights. Fights over whether to build new homes on their property in Arizona at Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives fans, however, noticed something… Robyn and Kody Brown seem to be fighting more than anyone else. Part of the fight stemmed from Robyn wanting to get another rental instead of buying a home so there was not a delay in the construction of new homes on Coyote Pass. Kody, on the other hand, wanted to buy a home. Eventually, he got his way. He put an offer on a home for Robyn and her five children. This happened just days before they were supposed to leave their previous rental.

Robyn Brown didn’t like how buying a home made her feel.

During last week’s episode of Sister Wives, fans watched as real estate issues started to cause issues with other parts of Kody and Robyn’s marriage. Robyn was visibly suffering. Kody had no idea how to fix it.

Even though Robyn did agree with Kody Brown about putting an offer on a home… She still didn’t like it.

“Buying this house makes me feel like I’m betraying my family and my kids. Buying this house will actually delay us moving out to the property.” She explained.

“I’ve really struggled with how things have worked out. I don’t understand God’s reasoning. This house was perfect for us in so many ways. We’re kind of back to this crazy storm of not knowing what’s going to happen next.”

While crying, Robyn told Kody she wasn’t ready to give up on looking at rental homes. Kody responded with frustration. He didn’t like that he couldn’t be “joyful about the purchase” of their new home.

Kody Brown is frustrated with his relationship with Robyn.

Kody Brown told TLC producers being “at odds” about whether to buy or rent a home caused them to be at odds in many other aspects of their life. He continued to explain it was putting a massive strain on his relationship with her.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s pathetic, and it makes me feel terrible.” He added.

During the episode, Robyn also admitted that she didn’t see a resolution for the strain on their relationship anywhere in sight.

Will Robyn and Kody Brown mend their relationship?

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