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Kailyn Lowry Of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Says She Will Not Vaccinate Her Kids Against COVID-19

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Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 has been open about not vaccinating her children. It is a controversial subject among all groups, but since her platform is bigger, she took a lot of heat. The heat came for not vaccinating her now eighteen-month-old. Kailyn is currently pregnant with her fourth baby. As a young mother, she is in a position to influence other young mothers who follow her.

Kailyn said about her son in the past, “He hasn’t ever really been sick, and for me, I just think the more research that I do, and the more educated I’ve become, I just don’t vaccinate him.” Several people told her that she was spreading false information on her podcast.

Kailyn Lowry Says Vaccines Do More Harm Than Good

Lowry faced criticism after admitting she didn’t vaccinate her son, Lux. One fan said, “My problem isn’t with your choice to not vaccinate, it’s that you’re endorsing false information about vaccines and autism on your podcast that reaches many young women and mothers.” The fan went on to say you can’t get reliable medical information from Netflix documentaries. Kailyn Lowry is one of many parents who believe vaccines do more harm than good.

Another fan said, “I just hope when people say they’ve ‘done research’ they mean clinical trials and not mommy blogs.” That fan went on to say a chicken nugget had more dangerous chemicals than a vaccine according to Hollywood Life. Other anti-vaxxers and those in support of it chimed in for a debate on a very touchy subject.

Will She Get Vaccinated For COVID-19?

On Twitter a fan asked Kailyn Lowry , “I’m curious Kail, when a vaccine for this virus is made will you or the kids get one?” Kailyn responded, “absolutely not.” It’s scary because as Dr. Ariellle Ornstein said, “unvaccinated children may expose siblings, friends and other children that cannot otherwise be vaccinated.”

The CDC has warned and disease can strike the US at any time. Several that can be deadly like whooping cough and Hib are preventable with vaccination. If an outbreak happens, like the Coronavirus then several people can be in danger if an unvaccinated child becomes a carrier of the disease.

The subject of whether or not to vaccinate your children remains a hot topic in the mommy blogger world. It’s also present in interactions with other parents all trying to do what they feel is best for their children.

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