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Duggar Fans Worry About Jessa Seewald’s Kids’ Safety On Climbing Dome

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As TV Shows Ace reported, Jessa Seewald recently built a new climbing dome for her kids in the backyard. While she received a lot of support, Duggar fans were quick to point out their concerns.

Some of Jessa’s Instagram followers expressed concerns about the kids’ safety on the climbing dome. One commented, “Bad idea… asking for a wrist fracture!” Another said, “Carefully, my little sister broke her leg falling from one like this.” Other users left similar comments on Jessa’s post. So far, Jessa has yet to reply to those negative comments.

Luckily, some of Jessa’s other followers defended her. One replied to a negative comment and said, “I am sure they know how to make sure that their kids are safe.” Another one said, “oh come on. It is perfectly fine. Kids can get hurt climbing on anything but that does not mean they should not be allowed to play and climb and have fun.” Someone else said, “I’m sure they’ll keep a close eye on the kids, don’t worry.

Jessa and Ben’s kids are only 4, 3, and 10 months, so it’s unlikely they’d be playing outdoors alone anyway. It doesn’t seem like Duggar fans have anything to worry about here. The family of five seems to enjoy their time outdoors together. So, the kids will probably only play on the dome when their parents are outside with them until they get a little older.

Duggar fans slam Ben Seewald for not helping Jessa

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jessa’s followers commented on her YouTube video and questioned why Ben didn’t help her build the climbing dome. As shown in the video, Jessa builds it herself with her kids outside. Then, once the dome is fully constructed, Ben comes out to join the family.

Duggar fans just don’t think it’s right that Jessa had to build it all by herself while keeping an eye on the kids. They think that Ben should have at least been outside with Jessa while she built it. Jessa isn’t likely to respond to those negative comments. But, fans do want to know what Ben was doing instead of helping Jessa with the project.

Unfortunately, no matter what Jessa shares on social media, she’s going to get backlash. Not everyone agrees with how she lives her life and raises her kids.

So, do you think the climbing dome is a problem, or do you trust that Ben and Jessa will watch their kids? Share your thoughts below.

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