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Duggar: Is Jill Dillard Illegally Using Other People’s Pictures?

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As TV Shows Ace reported, Jill Duggar Dillard shared a new post on Instagram this week. She also created a blog post about the same content. In both posts, she talks about at-home date nights while social-distancing. Since most people are trying to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, she wanted to give her followers a few ideas. She thinks that date nights are very important and wants others to be able to enjoy them too, even if they can’t go out right now.

In response to her post, some of her followers offered Netflix recommendations. They also said how much they like her ideas and her advice for keeping the spark alive, even if they’re home with their spouse all day.

Not everything stayed positive in the comments section though. The picture that Jill chose to share features a laptop with Netflix pulled up. The picture also includes a cozy blanket, a pair of glasses, and a lit candle. All of the items are on a bed. Fans agree that it looks cozy, but it doesn’t look safe. They called her out for making a dangerous decision by having a lit candle on a bed.

Duggar fans notice that Jill isn’t using her own photos

Jill definitely got a lot of backlash over the lit candle. But, a few eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out something else that’s off about her photo. Thanks to Google Reverse Image Search, they were able to find that she used someone else’s photo. A Duggar fan uploaded Jill’s photo to the Reverse Image Search. When they did this, the picture came up as being posted on another website prior to Jill posting her picture. It’s obvious that the image belongs to someone else.

This is illegal if she didn’t get permission to use the photo. It’s pretty common right now due to pictures being spread around on the Internet. People don’t always give credit to whoever took the photo originally. To prevent this, Instagram recommends posting only your own content, but not everyone follows those guidelines. It seems like this time, Jill decided to risk it.

Jill might have gotten permission to use the photo

It’s possible that Jill got permission from whoever took the photo. She might have paid them for the image. It could also be a stock image that can be used freely. But, there’s no way of knowing Jill’s true intentions with this. She has yet to respond to the comments on her post.

Some Duggar fans argue that she may not know any better. By now, there are plenty of comments pointing out that she should’ve used her own photo.

Regardless, it’s unfair to the photographer that people are using their photo without giving any credit. Crediting artists and photographers for their work is a big deal, but it’s often overlooked. Artists and photographers often have their work stolen. Duggar fans are hopeful that Jill will give proper credit for the photographer’s hard work.

What do you think of Jill using someone else’s photo? Are you surprised? Share your thoughts below.

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