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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown With Christine For Anniversary During Self-Quarantine, Is He Staying With Her Or Robyn?

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Sister Wives fans saw that Christine and Kody Brown apparently got together for their wedding anniversary this week. Christine shared it on her Instagram. But, fans wonder where he’s staying right now with self-quarantine and social-distancing going on. Some speculate he might be with Robyn. Meanwhile, others hope he’s staying in one place and not visiting all his wives.

Sister Wives – Kody spotted with Christine for their anniversary

TV Shows Ace reported this week that Kody and Christine celebrated their 26th anniversary. Christine sent out a message on Instagram about it. But Kody never said anything at the time, and neither did the other wives. In the picture she posted, fans saw Kody standing next to Christine with his arm around her. The photo got taken somewhere in Flagstaff, judging by the background. So, with self-quarantine and social-distancing in place, fans wondered if they got together for that single day, or if he lives there now.

Technically, the Browns might find themselves in a difficult position. After all, they all share one man, one dad, and there’s a lot of them. Fans of Sister Wives fear that if he continues going from house to house, he might put the family at risk of the coronavirus. Perhaps he’s staying with Robyn, who fans believe is his favorite wife? But, notably, coronavirus brings respiratory issues. World News Daily reminds viewers that she suffers from some breathing issues already. That could place her in a high-risk category.

Kody with Robyn, Meri, Janelle?

Radar Online notes that Meri probably does not have her man as a houseguest. After all, she shared about staying home with her own little self. That came on a post about missing her LuLaRoe cruise. And, anyway, fans know from the show, that the couple seems extremely distant from each other, and no longer live as man and wife. So, that probably rules her out. But, what about Janelle? She’s friendly, and she and Kody get on well by the looks of things.

Well, on her social media, like many isolated people, Janelle thems to be losing track of the days. Maybe Kody’s not with her. If he’s not there, losing track might be easier. So, that leaves the possibility of Robyn Brown or Christine. As mentioned before, Robyn suffers a chest issue. Recall that when Meri asked for help moving, she said the stairs made it too hard for her. But, Kody might still stay with the preferred person in the Sister Wives family. However, factor in the current divide between the two that we see on the show, that might not work out either.

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Happy Anniversary @kodywinnbrown 26 years!!

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Fans hope Kody stays in one home, not visiting the others

On Twitter, fans wonder about the living arrangements. One fan asked, “wonder which house Kody is quarantined @.” Another asked, “Wonder which wife gets Kody during quarantine?” Others really hoped he’s not still going from house to house which might be a way of moving the virus around. As it seems like the Brown family never actually moved into the giant home Kody wants, maybe the wives don’t need to make the decision that this fan wondered about: “If the family had a single home, who’d be the first to bolt during a quarantine? I vote Meri.”

If the Sister Wives patriarch stays in one place, then right now, the only evidence fans saw was that he met with Christine of her wedding anniversary.  That might mean that Kody’s not with his favorite wife. Certainly, if that’s the case, don’t expect Christine to complain. It’s long believed she really wants him in her life as much as possible.

What do you think? Is Kody with Christine or Robyn right now? Or does he still just move around from home to home? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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