Mady Gosselin Explains Why Fans Should Stay At Home During COVID-19

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Kate Plus 8 star, Kate Gosselin collected the twins, Mady and Cara Gosselin from college 10 days ago. At the time, Mady joked about how she’d probably end up fighting with her mom during social distancing. But now, she sent out a rather more serious reminder to her fans about staying home and why they need to take it seriously.

Kate Plus 8 – Mady and Cara home for the coronavirus epidemic

TV Shows Ace reported that when Kate picked up the twins, they joked and laughed about how they’d spend so much time together they might end up fighting. But, we noted that they took it seriously. Obviously, Kate’s delighted to have the girls home. It’s the best place for them right now. And, in the TLC special about them going to college, it revealed an emotional Kate as she got used to the idea of her girls flying the nest.

As the virus spreads and complete self-quarantine kicks up in several states, Mady’s taking it seriously. While light posts and ideas on keeping people self-occupied seem welcome, many people frown on joking about it.

After all, people pass away and some families feel terribly distressed. But, the young Kate Plus 8 star’s not cracking jokes about college and staying home now. She’s being responsible and talks about why people should stay home.

Mady Gosselin talks about staying home

Taking to her Instagram on Thursday night, Mady shared a photo of herself in black and white. She captioned it with, “hi from my house!” Then she noted that she hopes everyone “who is able stays home.” Naturally, she knows they can’t always stay home, but hoped they’d “try as much as possible during this time.” Then, she put out her reminder on why that’s so very important.

Mady wrote, “just a reminder that this is what we can do to protect the vulnerable people in our communities.” Finally, she sent her wishes for wellness and good health for all her fans.

Many Kate Plus 8 fans loved the post and some of them responded. One said, “Hi Mady I’ve been loving your tik toks they make me laugh during these rough times. Hope ur family stays safe ❤️.”

Another one noted Take care Mady and stay safe yourself and to all of your family the same ❤️”

TV show celebs and their take on coronavirus very important

One of Mady’s Kate Plus 8 followers noted, “Hmmmm….let’s see how long before some type of media picks this up and does an article about it…. 🤣🤣🤣.” Over many years people adored their reality TV stars. In fact, many of them became role models to countless fans across the world.

Mady’s message might even save a life. Nobody will ever know, but it’s always a possibility. That’s probably more important than Mady’s antics on Kate Plus 8. What do you think? Do you like it that Mady Gosselin takes the time to use her influence to remind fans why they should stay home? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back often with TV Shows Ace fore more news about Mady Gosselin and the rest of the cast from TLC’s Kate Plus 8.

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