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‘BIP’: Hannah Godwin & Dylan Barbour Nesting During Self Quarantine

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BIP stars Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour stand out as Bachelor In Paradise successes. Navigating their relationship obviously brought some challenges. Plus, the coronavirus also caused problems. But, as the couple spends loads of time together, they learn more about each other. They feel the need to notch it up a step and get a puppy.

BIP – Hannah loves Dylan, too much scrutiny?

TV Shows Ace reported that fans tend to hang onto every word they say on social media. Plus, they look for signs of cracks in their relationship. Some fans criticized a short video she shared and they felt she pulled away from Dylan’s embrace and kiss too quickly. Well, as far as she’s concerned, maybe it was just a bit of an “awkward” moment.  She assured Bachelor In Paradise fans, “nah we’re good I’m just awk I think.”

Judging by what the couple said in an interview with US Weekly, they actually grow even closer together. They spoke to the outlet about the time they spend together in self-isolation. In fact, they say they learn new things about each other they never knew before.

Sometimes, it takes years of dating to really know each other, after all. But, being together all the time fast-tracks the process somewhat. In fact, the BIP couple grows so much closer now, they think about the next level. They think it’s time for a puppy in their lives.

Puppy fever hits Dyan and Hannah

During their interview, Dylan spoke about how he only just found out Hannah loves “banana pancakes.”‘ So, he now makes sure he puts them on the “breakfast menu.” Meanwhile, Hanah discovered that Dylan’s not particularly worried about expiration dates. She noted the mustard he used. The Bachelor In Paradise star noted, “Pretty sure we used two-year-old mustard the other day.”‘ But, it looks like overall, they learn more about each other and they like what they learn.

Dylan and Hannah Godwin talked about puppies. Dylan actually termed it, “puppy fever.” He mentioned the idea they may “notch it up a level.'” With social media teeming with suggestions self-quarantine’s gonna bring a bit of a baby boom, they don’t plan on being one of those. However, the BIP couple admits there’s always a possibility. It looks like all goes well for these two ABC stars, despite the difficulty of self-quarantining.

Certainly, living together permanently without any outside influences makes people learn tolerance and understand love, it seems. What do you think about them thinking about notching it up to “puppy” level? ” Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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