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‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Many Fans Think The Whole Show’s Fake And A Joke

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans suspected that Chase and Whitney Way Thore might be faking their love story on TLC. Even though the show ended with him proposing at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, they don’t believe it. But it seems other indicators point to a lot of the show, or all of it, as fake. Fans discuss it on social media.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is fake, fans think

TV Shows Ace reported that many fans believe Chase Severino and Whitney really aren’t in love at all. They noticed that Chase seems uncomfortable with Whitney and makes off with other people at every opportunity. We wrote, “Fans noted some tension in the recent episode.  Whitney even worried that after their trip to Paris she might not end up hitched.” Plus, Chase went off on the tandem bike without Whitney.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans also spotted the fact that Chase seems very happy to share a room in the hotel that Ryan booked. Whitney had a fit about it. But, Chase seemed a bit relieved. And, when left alone, he actually moved further away from Whitney, rather than attempting to get close during a private moment. But now, Reddit users point to other reasons they think more than just the love story might be faked.

Other faked suspicions

One Reddit post noted that in the show, Heather’s supposedly Whitney’s friend. But they noted, “I think Whitney is jealous of Heather, and it’s clear when she discourages anything between Heather and Ryan.” Then they wrote, “I feel Heather is lovely and needs a TLC paycheck for her children.” Then they revealed they thought that “she resents everything she does in the name is TLC and did not know what she was getting into.”

Other My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans chipped in their thoughts. One noted, “Whitney is obsessed with Buddy and always has been. Heather has always been a threat.” Then, this idea got tossed into the fake discussion. “You could see the smoke coming out of Whitney’s ears when Heather and Ryan kissed this season,” they said. And, Meaww noted another reason fans suspect the show’s staged. Thye pointed out a scene in Season 4 where a guy speaking to Whitney about radio and TV was actually obviously mic’ed so that looked like a staged scene.

On Twitter, one fan wrote, “This show is so fake.”  

What do you think about all these suggestions the whole show’s faked? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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