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Colton Underwood Of ‘The Bachelor’ Supports A Hannah Brown And Tyler Cameron Hookup

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Colton Underwood wants to give Hannah Brown his support. As Bachelor fans know Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are quarantining together. During the Coronavirus outbreak they’ve been trolling fans hardcore.

They are the proud owners of a TikTok account. It’s called the quarantine crew. One of the videos was captioned. “Tyler finally got into Hannah’s pants.” It’s a flip the switch where he’s literally wearing her pants. In a new video the crew talks about the movies that made them cry. They are definitely keeping things interesting while indoors.

Why Is Colton Underwood So Supportive?

Colton Underwood would be happy if Hannah and Tyler took this opportunity to get together. Chris Harrison and even Hannah Brown’s dad has said they are just friends. Her dad said, “People want to read into whatever they want to read into, and we can’t stop that. But the reality is, they’re friends.”

Chris Harrison said it wouldn’t be a huge surprise according to The Cheat Sheet. The host said, “yeah, it wouldn’t shock me. I think they’d be great together. But they’re probably just friends.”

Bachelor Nation Wants It To Happen

Colton Underwood shared his opinion on a recent Instagram fitness video. The TikTok crew posted a fitness video and he commented on it. He said, “high key fangirling and ship them so hard.”

Since Hannah started her reality career as one of his contestants it seems very full circle. Nick Viall recently took it a step further when he requested the two have a quarantine a baby. Chris Harrison’s girlfriend made a comment she wanted to see a baby as well, so that’s been put out into the universe. She said it was what Bachelor nation needs right now. 

Videos like this one have fans going crazy. They are enamored with how cute they are together and happy they are trying to make their followers laugh during such a hard time.

Fans Would Love It Too

Keeping the fandom alive people have been tweeting their thoughts. One fan wrote, “Hannah & Tyler social distancing together is everything.” Another wrote, ” Hannah & Tyler C back together means all is right in the world again…I mean besides this pandemic.”

No doubt fans will keep checking out the TikToc while stuck at home to figure all of this out. They’ll be looking for clues the two are back together for sure. There’s no doubt the two reality stars will continue to troll until they can go out again.


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