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’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Tells A Charming Anecdote About Coping With Life

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Season 4 already filmed the episodes. So, currently, with all the self-quarantining going on, fans at least get to watch the show for the time being. The Tell-All got delayed for now. But, across the world, TLC fans and the cast sit out the virus. It’s a difficult time, but Big Ed shared a charming anecdote about coping with life.

90 Day Fiance – Big Ed’s fans often see short videos from him

Ed knows he’s not blessed in the good looks department. He’s short and suffers from a syndrome that makes him look almost “neckless.” His whole life, he’s been self-conscious about his looks. But, he developed a nice sense of humor and his fans love him for that. He revealed feeling self-conscious when fans saw him in a memorable moment where he used mayo as a hair conditioner. He seems kindly as well, and recently he bought a home so his mom could move in and live comfortably in her later years.

The 90 Day Fiance star also uses his new-found following to raise awareness for people suffering from the same syndrome as him. One of his early clips this season showed him talking about a young man named Abe with the same syndrome. Abe was just about ready to give up on life. So, Ed talked about body-shaming and how wrong and cruel that is. While some people still shame Ed, he puts that aside and focuses on other things. One of those things made him think about an anecdote he felt people might like.

Big Ed talks about a closet and making choices in life

Ed’s still busy moving everything into his new place. He said he and Ted the dog had a long day sorting things out. Clearing out a closet reminded him of a story from years ago. Big Ed told his followers that way back, he worked for a closet company as a salesperson. Ed narrated how he went along to see a woman who wanted a new closet for her daughter aged about four. He said, “we were probably on her fifth closet.” The client apparently came up with a list of “about 35 thousand things that she wanted.” Ed explained all about the hanging space and the shelving.

Anyway, he felt it all sounded a bit daunting. So, he asked the child what she wanted in her closet. Ed said, “she looked up at me which doesn’t happen often as I’m so short.” The 90 Day Fiance star said that the girl replied, saying, “I just want it to sparkle.” Ed found a lesson in that and explained it to his fans. Big Ed reminded people of how “simplicity” related to the way “life should be.” Ed suggests the anecdote helps people “not make life complicated.”

Fans of the show appreciate Ed’s philosophy. One person said, “Thanks for the virtual talk. one way not to be bored due to lockdown — listening to you now, keep it up, awesome!” Did you enjoy his little clip about the closet and life? Sound of your thoughts in the comments below.

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