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‘Counting On’ Fans Think Josh Duggar Insulted Jill Duggar At Her Own Wedding

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Counting On fans just realized that Josh Duggar insulted his sister Jill Dillard at her own wedding. It’s no secret that Josh is the most controversial member of the Duggar family. The son of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar has been involved in multiple scandals over the years. He sexually abused some of his younger sisters when he was a teenager.

TLC cancelled 19 Kids and Counting and replaced it with Counting On, and has not allowed Josh on the new show. They erased Josh from the Duggar family. But Duggar fans still can’t forget what he did to some of his youngest siblings. They also realized that he insulted Jill Dillard at her own wedding. Counting On fans believe it had something to do with his seedy past.

Why Counting On fans think Josh Duggar’s speech at Jill Dillard’s wedding had something to do with his troubled past

Counting On fans often take to Reddit to talk about the show and the cast members. One of the hot topics on there is about Josh Duggar’s speech at Jill Duggar’s wedding. One fan noticed a connection between his past and the speech he made at his sister’s wedding back in 2014. He called Jill out during his speech and called her a “tattle tale.” This tasteless joke didn’t sit well with fans, for good reason.

“…At Jill’s wedding, he gave a speech & said she was the tattle-of the family,” the fan wrote. “Imagine your abuse 1. Being at your wedding 2. Giving a speech at your wedding 3. Taunting you in said speech for possibly outing them as your abuser.”

The Duggar family’s world came crashing down when the news broke that Josh sexually abused his younger sisters. According to a police report from the early 2000s, Josh admitted that he touched his sisters inappropriately while he slept in the same bed as them. Some of his sisters were either too young to realize what was happening or were unaware of the abuse that went on.

The Counting On fans over on Reddit never made this connection until now. Some of them believe that Jill “tattled” on Josh for sexually abusing her. Others believe that there is some truth to Josh’s dark joke.

TLC has not allowed Josh on the new show

TLC has not allowed Josh Duggar to appear on Counting On. Only his wife and kids make frequent appearances on the show. TLC refuses to allow Josh to film. Counting On films believe that his female siblings still haven’t gotten over the sexual abuse they endured. They feel that Josh’s sisters should seek therapy, but they probably don’t due to their strict Christian upbringing.

Some of them revealed in the past they didn’t realize it was happening since they were asleep. Fans have since slammed Michelle and Jim Bob for not disowning their oldest son.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Josh Duggar’s speech at Jill Duggar’s wedding had something to do with his seedy past? Sound off below in the comments section.

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