‘This Is Us’: Randall Tries Therapy And Gets Fans Talking

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A couple of weeks ago on This Is Us, Randall Pearson came face to face with a home intruder. This happened after returning from his trip to Los Angeles. Randall threw his money on the counter and told the intruder to take it. The intruder snatched up the cash and ran out of the door. The cops were called and a report was made. The officer mentioned to Randall that sometimes the intruder comes back before security measures can be taken. Randall sends Beth and the girls to a hotel. He stays in the house to make sure that he is there to protect their belongings.

Fans of This Is Us have watched Randall struggle since the beginning. With Randall’s history of panic attacks and other anxiety-driven mental health episodes, fans started to notice that Randall was spiraling. Shortly after the break-in, Malik’s father, Darnell, shows up to the house to talk to Randall about the break-in. He tells Randall that there is no shame in needing to talk about it. Randall, who was just leaving to go for a run, shuts him down. He claims that he is just fine dealing with it on his own. He leaves for his run and while he was out, he came across a woman who was being attacked. Randall jumped into action, tackling the attacker.

What Caused Randall to Seek Help?

Randall attempted a therapy session, but you can tell that he didn’t want to be there and eventually gets up and walks out. When he gets home, Beth tells him that she needs him to go through with therapy because she is not okay and she can’t talk to him about it until he is in a better place. She pours out her purse and shows him the pepper spray she carries around and a phone that she bought for their youngest daughter, Annie. She explains that Annie doesn’t have a use for a phone, but how Beth feels she needs to have one, just in case.

In Tuesday night’s episode of This Is Us, titled “After The Fire,” Randall opens up to his therapist, Dr. Leigh. He talked about his relationships with his adopted father, Jack, and his biological father, William. This also got them talking about what would be different if Jack had lived after the fire. The in-depth look into Randall’s therapy sessions has a lot of fans talking.

What This Is Us Fans Are Saying

Some of the fans had some pretty big reactions. Some fans thought that the look into Randall’s therapy sessions was extremely realistic and accurate. Other fans talked about how therapy helped them and how it’s important to spotlight the benefits of therapy.

One fan talked about how the episode was pretty heavy, but it shows how the events in your life shape you as a person. They talked about how he lost two mothers and how he is trying to cope with the thought of losing his mother to Alzheimer’s. All of these events have weighed on him his entire life.

What do you think about the way that the This Is Us writers are touching on mental health and the importance of therapy? What do you think the This Is Us season 4 finale will bring?

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