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This Is Us’ Chrissy Metz On Season 4 Finale ‘I Was A Mess’: ‘There’s A Lot Happening’

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Chrissy Metz, star of This Is Us got a chance to read the season 4 finale. The starlet said, “I didn’t know what to think.” She went on to say she immediately texted Dan Fogelman and the show runner, because she needed to get more info. “There were some redacted scenes that were secret,” she said.

The drama star wanted to know what was going on, because she knew fans will want more. Brothers, Randall and Kevin, played by Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley may lose what brotherly bond they had. The two reportedly will come to blows over their mother’s sickness.

Hartley said, “I’m taking a hard line and you’re taking a hard line.” referring to Brown’s character. The brothers have made different choices and neither of them will budge. They will be at odds with each other, because they are both standing their ground.

What Made Chrissy Metz Become Anxious About Season 4 Finale?

For the finale, Rebecca agrees to a nine-month clinical trial in St. Louis. Kate,  Kevin, and Rebecca’s husband, Miguel and everyone except Randall are unaware. This is because Randall is the one who has convinced her it’s the best thing to do regarding her health.

The finale will take a look at Jack and Rebecca in the past again, played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore . They are going back to a place they haven’t been in sometime. The Big Three celebrating their first birthday in 1981.

The This Is Us Premiere Is An Appropriate Title With Strangers

Each season brings in new characters and this season is no different. Malik and Cassidy will become intertwined with the Pearson family as the season progresses. The This Is Us Season 4 finale titled “Strangers: Part Two.” leaves no doubt these new characters will be a part of it. The Pearson’s celebrate Baby Jack,  Kate and Toby’s son on what would be his 1st birthday.

Dan Fogelman, creator of This Is Us hints that the end of Season 4 questions will be answered. The final episodes have characters returning to “propel us forward.” Fans will be happy at the beginning of season 5, because he says, “people won’t have too wait to long for answers in the flash-forwards. That will start right away at the top of next season.” Milo Ventimiglia said, according to People, “I don’t know if there’s a word so much as just get ready. Just get ready.” It’s heavy, it’s beautiful and it’s really incredible.” You can watch the Season 4 finale Tuesday on NBC.


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