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Duggar Fans Wonder If Jessa Seewald Is Okay

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Duggar fans are often wondering about how the kids’ upbringing affects them. They were raised in a conservative Christian household, and they had to abide by strict standards. Some even say that the kids were sheltered from the outside world. Fans believe that they must be surprised when they get out into the “real world.”

None of the kids have opened up about this. Still, the kids’ upbringing concerns fans. Often, fans speculate about how happy the kids really are. Some of them don’t appear to be happy, but we only see a glimpse of their lives on Counting On and on social media. There’s no way for fans to know what’s truly going on in their lives. In the past, there’s been speculation about Jinger Vuolo’s happiness. She didn’t respond to any claims that she is unhappy.

Duggar fans are worried about Jessa Seewald

Currently, fans are wondering about Jessa Seewald. She’s married to Ben Seewald, and they have three kids together, Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy, 9 months. Over time, fans have picked up on hints here and there that Jessa might have depression. Of course, Duggar fans can’t diagnose her based on a few pictures or things that they’ve read about her. But, there’s definitely some concern from fans and critics alike.

On Reddit, a discussion is going on about the possibility of Jessa having depression. Several users are speaking from their own experiences with mental illness. Others are pointing out the signs that they have noticed from Jessa.

First, a few users were quick to point out that Jessa’s home is often messy. Duggar followers also remember that Jessa sometimes lets diapers pile up in her bedroom instead of throwing them in the trash. Now, because she has three kids, this reason alone isn’t enough. Raising three kids and keeping a house clean is no easy task.

They also think that she just doesn’t appear to be all that happy via social media. But, they don’t know her in-person and can’t say for sure.

Religion and mental illness

Also, some users mentioned that Jessa is one of her brother Josh Duggar’s victims. As a teen, Josh molested several girls, including a few of his sisters. While Jim Bob and Michelle claimed to have gotten help for Josh, it’s unclear what, if anything, was done for his victims. Plus, some Christians do not believe in therapy. Instead, they believe that God will heal them or fix their problems.

As a mother of three young kids, it’s possible that Jessa is dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety. If Jessa does have depression or another mental illness, will she seek help? Because of some Christians’ viewpoints on therapy, she might be led to “pray” her depression away.

Do you think Duggar fans have a reason to be concerned? Or, should they let Jessa handle it all herself? Share your thoughts below.

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