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Anna Duggar’s Kids Show Off Secondhand Style

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On social media, Anna Duggar showed off some of her kids’ “new” outfits. The mom is a big fan of thrifting, just like the rest of the Duggar family. In an Instagram story, Anna shared a photo of all six of her kids lined up outdoors. From left to right: Meredith, 4, Mason, 2, Mackynzie, 10, Maryella, 3 months, Michael, 8, Marcus, 6.

With large families, fans understand why the Duggar women choose to shop secondhand. In her story, Anna said, “Loving the ‘new’ outfits from @rhealanasofnwa”. It seems that Anna joined her sisters at Rhea Lana’s, which is a secondhand clothing sale. It’s a big deal for the family, and they seem to go every year.

TV Shows Ace reported that Jessa Seewald and Abbie Duggar went to the sale in Arkansas recently. At the time, it wasn’t obvious which other sisters went to the shopping event. Also, it lasts for several days, so the sisters might not have gone together. Based on how the family promotes this big event, it seems like it’s a good deal. They can stock up on clothes for their kids and save money.

Anna did share an Instagram story from while she was at the sale too. She’s standing in front of a Rhea Lana’s sign. Her oldest daughter, Mackynzie is with her.

Many of the Duggar kids are frugal

If you’ve watched the family’s shows on TLC for a while, you know that they’re frugal. With 19 kids, they sort of have to be. Many viewers were intrigued by how the Duggar family lives their life with so many kids under one roof. On the show, it became obvious that the family is big on saving money wherever they can.

On the show, they sometimes went thrift shopping. You might remember their family motto, “Buy used and save the difference.” They bought food in bulk. The list goes on. Basically, they tried their best to save money, and they instilled those same values in their kids.

Now, you might think that some of the kids would’ve changed their ways. But, most of them, including the wives, have stuck with the Duggar family motto. As mentioned, even Abbie went to the secondhand clothing event, and she married into the family. Of course, some of the grown kids have changed their values in other ways. But, from what we can tell, they’re still pretty frugal.

What do you think of the kids’ “new” outfits? Share your thoughts below.

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