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‘The Bachelor’ Did Peter Pull A ‘Ross Geller’ During His Finale Proposal?

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If you found yourself having a moment of panic during The Bachelor finale proposal between Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss, do not worry. You are not alone!

The Unforgettable Bachelor Proposal

Peter found himself struggling with a major case of indecision in the days leading up to the final rose proposal. However, he ended up popping the question to Hannah Ann. Hooray, go Hannah Ann! Let’s be real, she’s been a real winner since day one.

But it seems Peter may have just been settling (in his mind) after his runner-up, Madison, chose to leave him in the Australian dust just two days before the proposal. At the time, Madison could not bring herself to be with Peter due to her personal values and left before Peter’s final decision.

Anyway, back to the proposal. So, as Peter began his big speech to his soon-to-be fiancée, he took a long pause. It appears he was just trying to gather his thoughts to explain how things played out between himself and the final two ladies. However, this pause just so happened to take place after he said, “So, Madison…” INSERT PAUSE.

Entertainment Tonight reported that this very noticeable pause left a LOT of people thinking he had actually called Hannah Ann by the wrong name. Just like when Ross Geller from Friends called Emily by Rachel during their wedding ceremony.

Fans are so relieved to know they weren’t alone in being on the edge of their seats, waiting for Hannah Ann’s reaction to being called Madison in the middle of her first-ever proposal! Fans remind Peter to choose his words more wisely.

The above includes just a few of the amazing Tweets poking fun at this year’s Bachelor pulling a Ross during the proposal. The Tweets just keep on going, and yet somehow they just don’t seem to get old.

Why Did Madison Leave?

Madison and Peter’s relationship hit a major bump right before Fantasy Suite week. She warned him she wouldn’t be able to move forward in their relationship if he were to sleep with the other women. On what was supposed to be their overnight date, The Bachelor star confessed he had been intimate with the other women.

Peter shared with Entertainment Tonight last month that he didn’t consider Madison’s warning to be an ultimatum. “Trust me, it made it an insanely incredibly difficult week for me. There’s no doubt about that,” Peter said. “But I can’t fault her for sharing her heart.”

That’s reassuring to hear Peter be so kind to Madison, despite many fans and the remaining contestants not seeing her words quite the same way.

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