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‘OutDaughtered’: At Four Years Old, The Busby Quints Are Seasoned Travelers

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OutDaughtered fans often see the Bubsy family travel by road, but it looks like air travel’s also something they do quite often. And, it certainly looks like from their own experiences, and by their mom’s example, that they’ve got this air travel thing down to a T. Like seasoned air travelers, they know to take advantage of the airline environment.

OutDaughtered dad Adam shared a photo of Riley and her mom at the airport

Adam Busby took to his Instagram and shared a photo of Riley lying next to her mom on the airport carpet at Denver. Anyone who flys frequently, especially on long-haul or stop-over flights wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow at the sight of two people lying on the carpet and catching a bit of a nap. Seasoned air travelers are the ones who know where the sleeping spots are in huge airports, after all.

Seasoned travelers are the ones who leave their allocated seats and drape themselves over empty rows in comfort.  They even know how to use the world’s most complex dispenser machines. And, like Danielle of OutDaughtered, they know how to take power naps in airports. Adam’s picture showed Riley and Danielle doing just that.

Quints show signs of being seasoned air travelers

Adam Busby captioned his picture with, “Layover in Denver. Like mother, like Daughter.” Danielle responded, noting, “#powernapqueen 🙋🏻‍♀️.” Well, many fans thought the picture amusing and cute. Other seasoned air travelers understand the way it’s more comfortable to settle in and relax in airports. But as always with the Busby family, many people also took it upon themselves to criticize. Others felt they should tell Danielle and Adam about coronavirus, even though it’s pretty certain they read the news and watch the television.

One follower of the OutDaughtered family wrote, “Brave lady laying on the floor in an airport with the current health scare. Wouldn’t be me allowing my child to do it- even if it makes for a cute picture.” Another groaner noted, “That floor is filthy!” Then one person said, “Wow..you took the chance to fly and breath every ones air that just keeps turning over in the aircraft. Too risky in my book in this serious time of Corona V. 🙄 And with 6 children.”

Well, it’s nice to know that people care about the Busby family. So even though they groaned, they probably mean well by mentioning safety risks. After all, CNN just updated about the risks of air and ship travel during the coronavirus outbreak.

What do you think about Danielle and Riley catching a nap in the airport? Does the quint Riley show every sign of being a seasoned air traveler already? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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