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‘Unexpected’: Hailey 2 And Matthew Fight It Out Again – Tells Him To Get DNA Test Done

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Unexpected fans saw that Hailey 2 shared all about her lovely baby shower. Her whole family arrived, including her dad. But, notably, none of the photos included Matthew. Some time ago, Hailey 2 said she’d be mature and let Matthew help raise their son Levi. But things took a turn for the worse after he commented on her baby shower pics. In fact, she told him in a scrappy fight on her Instagram page to go and get a DNA test if he wants to see Levi.

Unexpected – Hailey 2’s baby shower turns into a fight with Matthew

TV Shows Ace reported that over the weekend, Hailey 2 (Tilford’s) family and friends got together and held a special baby shower for her son Levi. Hailey gave her dad a special shoutout for making it there. After all, he had a long and tiring work day but came along to make her happy. It looks like Hailey 2 shares a close relationship with her dad. She once said how she talked to him about Matthew, Levi’s baby daddy. They agreed she needs to be mature and let him help co-parent Levi.

However, it seems Matthew Blevins might need to fight for any parenting rights after their tiff on Instagram. In her photos of the baby shower, the Unexpected baby daddy didn’t feature. However, her friend Cole did. In a Q&A session, Hailey mentioned that Cole’s a friend. They met at school and they dated for a while ages ago, but not recently. She assured her fans that they are simply friends and he’s been there for her. That’s important, especially as Matthew took off and seems to want little to do with his child.

Matthew gets smart-mouthed about Cole and Hailey 2

Starcasm reminded readers about the numerous times the young couple got together and then split up. In fact, it happened so often that it’s not easy to keep track of it. And, now once again, for certain, Hailey swore that she’s done with him. It came after he noted the photo of Cole. He sounded a bit surly as his message read, “comedy, Cole doing the daddy work.” Well, Hailey shared the message with her followers and told him to stay away from both her and Levi. But he also accused her of “beating him,” saying that’s why he moved on.

Well, for whatever reason, it’s clear that these two Unexpected stars don’t look like being compatible parents in the long run. After telling her fans not to ask her about him as she’s “done,” Hailey talked about DNA. She said that if he wants to see Levi then he should “go to court” and request a DNA test. Actually, at one stage he did suggest he might not be the father. Maybe he suspected that Cole’s the dad?

Unexpected Hailey 2 talks about Cole
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What do you think about this drama over a baby shower? Are you glad that Cole is there to help Hailey through her pregnancy journey? What do you think about Hailey telling Matthew to “get a DNA test” if he wants to be a part of Levi’s life? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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