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‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Home In Flagstaff, Did She Buy or Rent?

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Sister Wives fans heard late last year, that Robyn Brown moved into a really large home in Flagstaff. For a while, people wondered if they bought it to rent out. After all, they knew from the end of the last season, the family bought property at Coyote Pass. Now, it’s confirmed they bought the home and it wasn’t Robyn’s idea.

Sister Wives – the home that Robyn and Kody Brown bought

TV Shows Ace reported that fans grew a bit confused about Kody and Roby spending nearly a million dollars on such a big home. After all, their Coyote property needed development. Other wives, like Meri and Janelle, lived in rentals. The Daily Mail shared about the new Arizona home. They noted that it comes with a massive kitchen, a garage for four vehicles, four bathrooms, and five bedrooms.

Sister Wives critics really thought that Kody bought the home with Robyn to give in to her demands. However, that might not hold true. This week, fans saw Robyn and Kody bickering over the home. We reported that their argument about it all got heated. And, eventually, Aurora, Robyn’s daughter broke down in a panic attack. Fans slammed Kody for discussing the property in front of the kids.

Robyn felt Kody pushed them into the purchase – not her idea

On the show, when Robyn was told to leave the rental, they only had sixty days to find a new place. Kody felt it easier to buy a home than mess around and try locating a new rental. We noted that Robyn seemed angry as he made the announcement of his decision to the kids. And, it looked like a unilateral decision. Robyn said, “Well, we don’t have to do that, we have a little bit of time to keep looking for a rental.”

The Sister Wives star also said, “I guess Kody decided to tell the kids that he wants to buy.” It seemed that Roby felt it premature. In her confessional, she noted, as fans did, that buying a home probably meant a setback for everyone else moving to Coyote Pass. Robyn felt Kody’s decision’s “affecting the whole family,” InTouch Weekly noted. Well, fans grew irritated as Kody kept insisting God told him to buy the new home.

Kody makes the decision on Sister Wives

The current season of the Sister Wives show mainly focuses on the big home that Kody wants. Some fans wonder why he even bothered asking his wives how they feel about it. After all, Kody makes decisions all the time without caring what the women think. On the face of it, he invited their input but often just ends up going with his idea.

What do you think about Kody’s decision on buying a home for Robyn instead of renting? Did you know it wasn’t Robyn’s idea? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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