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‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Chris Harrison’s News For Peter On Final Rose Ceremony Day Revealed

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Literally since night one of The Bachelor fans have been wondering what Chris Harrison is talking about to Peter Weber. There has been tons of speculation that set off multiple rumors. Nobody could figure it out, not even Reality Steve, until now. Today Steve took to his blog to say he has finally learned what dramatic conversation Chris is having with Peter.

What is Chris saying to Peter?

Reality Steve took to his blog today to share what he has finally learned about that mysterious conversation between Peter and Chris. Steve has said from the beginning that this conversation has nothing to do with Madison. At this point most fans know that Madison supposedly self eliminates from Peter’s final two. Many thought Chris was telling Peter about her leaving. Steve says this is not the case. He believes Madison left the day before the final rose ceremony and he already knew.

Apparently, Chris goes to tell Peter that Hannah Ann is actually having second thoughts too. Steve said, “One thing I reported early on that I was told stands true: Chris Harrison speaking to Peter at the final rose ceremony saying “There’s something I need to tell you, something we all just found out, etc.” does NOT have to do with Madison leaving. The Bachelor already knew that happened. Chris Harrison is telling Peter something along the lines of Hannah Ann is considering leaving too. But, ultimately, she doesn’t.” Both women walking away would have been a first for sure!

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It’s impossible for me to express how thankful I am for having the most amazing opportunity to find my girl. To every single woman that shows up tonight, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a chance on me. Through every high and every low, I had the time of my life getting to know you all and made memories I will cherish forever. Thank you for being patient with me when I needed it, your grace never went unnoticed. To everyone involved in playing a part to make all of this come together, thank you. You all know who you are and we’re family for life. To Bachelor Nation, you all have been absolutely amazing. I have felt the love non stop and it means so much that you have invested in me finding what I’m after. I hope you all enjoy the flight, we’re cleared for takeoff ✈️ #TheBachelor

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What will happen next?

According to new reports from Steve, Peter does continue with the final rose ceremony. Once he gets back up on the platform and Hannah Ann decides to stay, he proposes. Hannah Ann reportedly accepts his final rose and ring. The two leave Australia as a happily engaged couple. This is completely different than what Steve has been reporting all along. He had said that he was sure Peter left Australia not engaged.

Fast forward, Peter ultimately breaks Hannah Ann’s heart. Just like Arie did to Becca, Peter dumps her and decides he wants Madison. However, Madison is strong in her beliefs and will not give in easily. Steve thinks that eventually Peter is able to win Madison over, but it takes some time. He is not sure how strong their relationship is today. Perhaps Madison will give him a decision on After the Final Rose or perhaps he plans to propose on live TV.

We don’t have much longer to wait to find out. The season finale of The Bachelor airs March 9 and 10 on ABC.

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