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Anna Duggar Just Shared The Cutest Video Of Maryella

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Over the weekend, Anna Duggar shared about her newest baby, Maryella, on her Instagram stories. She shared a couple of video clips of the baby girl having the hiccups. In the videos, the mom of six is talking to her baby girl. Maryella is smiling in response to hearing her mom’s voice. She looks like a happy baby. She’s not even upset that she’s got the hiccups.

Anna Duggar Instagram

Though Duggar fans can’t publicly comment on Instagram stories, it’s likely that they think Maryella looks adorable in the new videos. Whenever Anna shares a new post about Maryella or any of her kids, she gets lots of sweet comments from her followers. Fans can swipe up to respond to Anna’s stories, but those responses aren’t public.

Maryella Duggar enjoys a Saturday nap

In another picture on her Instagram stories, Anna revealed that her baby girl was enjoying a nap. She even put a poll on the story and asked her followers how they feel about naps. Of course, almost everyone voted “yes” when asked if they like naps, because who doesn’t love naps?

Maryella is laying on the couch in a multi-patterned outfit and a bow on her head, as usual. The baby girl is sound asleep. The videos of her with the hiccups were posted not too long after though.

Anna Duggar Instagram

How old is Maryella?

Maryella was born right around Thanksgiving. Anna recently shared pictures of Maryella as she turned three months old on February 27. Every month, Anna shares a milestone photo of Maryella. The little girl is one of three babies born around that time.

The Duggar family grew by three grandkids in November 2019. This includes Josiah and Lauren’s daughter Bella and Kendra and Joe’s baby Addison. Then, in January, John and Abbie welcomed baby Grace to the world. So, the little girls will grow up together. Fans are looking forward to seeing updates about the group of baby girls as they grow.

Anna Duggar’s kids

Josh and Anna have six kids now! This doesn’t come as much of a shock to fans of the family though. They know that Josh is one of 19 kids. Josh and Anna’s kids are all 10 years old and younger too, which amazes fans. But, it’s unclear when the couple will stop having kids. Recently, Anna revealed that they have a name in mind for a future “M” child.

Right now, their kids are Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, and Maryella. Maybe another baby will be on the way before too long. Each of their kids are about two years apart.

What do you think of the new pictures of Maryella? Do you think she’s cute? Share your thoughts about her and her siblings!

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