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‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber Speaks Out On Why He Believed Victoria Fuller Over Ex-Girlfriend

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Peter Weber was completely blindsided when his ex, Merissa Pence, stopped him and shared awful things about Victoria Fuller. Once The Bachelor confronted Victoria, he forgave her and took her to Australia for overnight dates. Fans have wondered why he would believe Victoria over his ex Merissa. Now, Peter is speaking out and telling everyone his thoughts on the subject.

This is why Peter believed Victoria

Showbiz Cheatsheet shared that Peter actually had a more in depth conversation with Victoria about the allegations against her. Victoria denied the rumors then and still continues to do so. The rumors of course were the accusations that she had a part in several marriages ending. The deeper conversation shared by Peter and Victoria was edited out by Bachelor producers.

Peter said, “In regards to the information I was given from Merissa that day in Virginia Beach, there was a big part of the conversation that just wasn’t able to make it on the show. And that’s because the show can only air so much. I get that.” He went on to say that ultimately he felt stronger feelings for Victoria and therefore he chose to believe her.

Peter continued saying, “Victoria was able to explain her side of it, the relationship she had with Merissa, and why Merissa possibly would have made claims like that. I think it’s very important to state that it was not a serious relationship I ever had with Merissa. I maybe saw her four times in a matter of a month. It was much more serious with Victoria, and that factored into my decision.”

He stuck by her side through the bad times and trusted her

Peter always fought for the relationship he had with Victoria. He even said the whole incidence of him believing her over Merissa has some missing details that Bachelor fans just don’t know. He said, “Unfortunately, the audience wasn’t able to get that information, and it maybe came off like, ‘Why is Peter making this decision?’ I trusted Victoria, and there’s more personal stuff to it that will stay between the two of us. I learned a lot about Victoria, especially in the fantasy suite, and that made me feel confident about [believing Fuller’s side of things].”

To this day Peter says the conversation he had with Merissa in Virginia Beach was the last. He has not been in contact with her. Peter obviously still trusts Victoria. If Victoria had been more open there’s a chance he could have chosen her in the end. The two made amends on the Women Tell All and Victoria has thanked him on Instagram for the world to see. Peter has even commented on her posts since then leaving fans to speculate more than they probably should.

As everyone knows, Victoria went home after fantasy suite dates. Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett are Peter’s final two. The Bachelor season finale will air March 9 and 10 on ABC.



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