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‘The Bachelor’: Reality Steve Spoils Peter Weber’s Season Days Before Finale

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Fans of The Bachelor have been waiting for Reality Steve to confirm what exactly happens at the end of Peter Weber’s season. Over the past three months the answer has been unclear and rumors, some very far fetched, were flying across the internet. Now, just days before the finale airs, Steve has shared what everyone has been wanting to know.

Peter’s final rose ceremony day

Reality Steve took to his blog Thursday morning to spoil Peter’s season, which Peter said would not happen this year. As it has been reported all along, the final rose ceremony day was definitely one for the history books. Madison never showed up for the final rose ceremony. Reportedly, Madison decides to self eliminate and actually leaves Australia to go back to the USA. This is probably what Chris Harrison is telling Peter that day.

Peter will ultimately decide he cannot go through with the final rose ceremony until he is able to speak to Madison. Since Madi already left and flew home, everyone packs up and leaves. So, Peter did not pick anyone that day and is essentially dragging Hannah Ann along in limbo until he can speak to Madison. Keep in mind the final rose ceremony was supposed to take place November 17.

What happens next

Once they are back stateside, Peter has a lot of work to do. He must not only win over Madison but he has to win her family over. As one can imagine they are probably not too happy their daughter has been essentially disrespected and heartbroken by Peter’s actions in Australia during fantasy suite week.

According to Steve, Madison is not quick to accept Peter back. In fact, he must prove to her and to her family that he is sincere and regretful of things that happened in Australia. Steve also says there was definitely down time in which nothing was happening between Peter and Madi. This was due to her reluctance to take him back. Steve indicates all of this post rose ceremony stuff happens in Alabama. This would make sense since Madison was seen filming post show in Auburn.

Now, according to confirmation Steve was finally able to get, Peter and Madison are together. They are dating, but not engaged. There is a lot of speculation that Peter plans to propose to Madison on After the Final Rose. Steve says Peter reportedly has no idea what Madison’s answer will be. He could back out, however, Reality Steve thinks he will pop the big question on live TV.

What about Peter and Hannah Ann?

Obviously with things in limbo Hannah Ann is left waiting to see if Peter chooses her or Madison. In a preview clip, fans saw Peter crying and telling someone he was so sorry and didn’t expect this to happen. Steve says this takes place in California at a house rented by producers of The Bachelor. 

The person he is supposedly speaking with is Hannah Ann. He is essentially telling her that he wants to be with Madison. So it looks like technically there is no final rose ceremony. Perhaps he gives his final rose to Madison on After the Final Rose. 

So now we all finally know what is supposed to happen March 9 and 10 on The Bachelor. Don’t miss Peter’s season come to an end and see if all this plays out as Steve has indicated it would. Five days and counting…..

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