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Are Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Flush With Cash?

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Some Duggar fans are scratching their heads as Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo appear to be doing very well for themselves financially. Notably, they seem to be living a very lavish lifestyle since they moved to L.A. The question on some Counting On fans minds is simple. How are the Vuolos affording their lavish lifestyle in L.A.? Are they currently flush with cash? Keep reading for what we’ve been able to dig up.

How do Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo afford their house and lavish lifestyle?

As The Hollywood Gossip reminds us, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo didn’t move to L.A. just to make Jim Bob Duggar upset. They moved so Jeremy could go to school. Counting On fans, however, couldn’t help but notice the way they’ve been living since they’ve been there.

This has caused some to question what they are doing to be able to afford their lavish L.A. lifestyle. After all, Jeremy is working hard at school and Jinger is busy tending to their daughter. So, where does the income come from?

When Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo first moved to L.A… They started in a church-owned rental. It was a house build in the 1950’s. It was remodeled in 2015. It was a 4-bedroom home. The rental rate was $4,000 a month.

It goes without saying that $4,000 a month was out of their budget. Fans, however, assume the church allowed them to move in and live rent-free.

Fans have theories.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, there are a lot of theories on how Jinger and Jeremy got so lucky. Some think that because they still actively participate in Counting On that TLC made the living arrangements for them. Some speculate Jinger and Jeremy talked them into letting them use the home because of the exposure the church would get simply by them being there. There are even some that believe Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo might actually have enough money to pay $4,000 a month.

Some speculate the duo might make a fair amount of cash as social media influencers that they put toward their rent each month.

How much will Jeremy make after graduating?

In L.A., a pastor can make as much as a six-figure salary. While this would be enough for a home in L.A… Jeremy would still be giving about half of his income to rent every month. Many fans wonder if the couple will stick around when they are actually paying rent (if they aren’t already).

If the church is footing the bill till Jeremy finishes school, time will eventually run out. Then, time will tell of Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo will stay in L.A. or go back home.

Do you think Jinger and Jeremy are currently living rent-free?

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