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Amy Schumer Calls Out Sexism In ‘The Bachelor’

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Amy Schumer has always been open and honest with her thoughts and opinions. The comedian and actress took to Instagram two days ago to rant about the latest season of The Bachelor. Amy Schumer indirectly called attention to the sexism within the Bachelor Nation. The noted how things are a little different during a season of The Bachelor compared to a season of The Bachelorette.

Amy Schumer calls attention to sexism in Bachelor Nation.

Two days ago, Amy Schumer shared a video of herself sitting on her couch. She was watching an episode of The Bachelor. She warned her Instagram followers the video might contain a spoiler for anyone who wasn’t current with the Season.

Then, she asked the individual holding the camera to pan over to the screen and show the scar on Peter Weber’s forehead.

According to Schumer, the Peter Weber got the scar on his forehead about halfway through this Season of The Bachelor. She noted that if this had been a Season of The Bachelorette and not The Bachelor… The show would have come to a dead stop. More importantly, The Bachelorette certainly wouldn’t have continued with the star of the show rocking a massive gash on her forehead.

“Right?” Amy questioned looking for reassurance. She then explained that was the only reason she wanted to make a video before the short clip came to an end.

Her video clip has attracted a lot of attention from her followers.

As mentioned previously, it has been roughly 48 hours since the comedian posted the brief video clip on her profile. With just shy of 10 million followers, it isn’t too surprising that it has accumulated some numbers.

Her followers have watched the video just shy of 500,000 times. Nearly 500 of her followers also chimed in with their thoughts via the comments.

Do her followers agree with what Amy Schumer has to say about sexism in Bachelor Nation? Did they clap back at her? Here’s some of what her followers said in the comments:

  • “If it was a woman there would be a plastic surgeon on set.”
  • “You know that’s true, no way would a woman show up with a scar on her head.Unless makeup was used to cover it up.”
  • “You know they’d be covering it with alllllll kinda of make up and stuff!!!”
  • “Super Accurate 😂I think you need to do more commentaries”

A quick scroll through the comments revealed there didn’t appear to be a troll anywhere. The overwhelming majority seemed to agree with everything Amy Schumer had to say. Many couldn’t believe ABC didn’t do a better job of trying to cover his scar with some make-up as well.

A few even begged the comedian to do commentaries similar to this one more often.

Do you think Amy Schumer is right about sexism within Bachelor Nation? Do bachelorettes have less freedom?

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