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Robyn Brown Accuses Kody Of ‘Breaking’ His Promise To Her

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Has Kody Brown pushed Robyn Brown too far?

After the most recent episode of Sister Wives, fans of the TLC series aren’t too happy with Kody Brown. Turns out… His fourth and youngest wife Robyn (who many consider to be his favorite) isn’t happy with him either.

Robyn Brown’s trust in her husband is shaken.

The March 1st episode of Sister Wives was explosive. While several days have passed since it aired, fans cannot stop talking about it. As we previously reported, they are furious with Kody Brown for the way he addresses his wives. Interesting enough, as we also reported, the drama we witnessed during the episode was very real. According to Janelle Brown, the show is completely unscripted. In fact, they tend to forget the cameras are even there sometimes.

During the episode Robyn Brown revealed she’s having some trust issues with Kody. The family picking up and moving from Las Vegas to Flagstaff was hard on her. It’s resulted in a lot of arguing between she and Kody.

According to Robyn Brown, she and Kody are no longer the bubbling newlyweds that get on everyone’s nerves.

“Kody and I have been butting heads like crazy this last little bit,” she explained.

Robyn added: “I don’t feel like I have a home right now.”

Robyn Brown is frustrated with Kody and the current living situation. When they picked up and moved, he promised they would settle into a shared space together. Instead, they are spread out in rental properties across the city. The younger children aren’t spending much time together. And, Robyn Brown isn’t happy about it.

Robyn explained one of the reasons she was having a hard time was because of why she became a plural (polygamous) wife. She wanted her children to be able to spend time with her sister wives who she considered to be their other “moms.” What she wanted isn’t happening when they aren’t living in some sort of shared space.

Robyn isn’t interested in buying another home.

Kody Brown wanted to purchase another home with Robyn. She, however, wasn’t happening. Buying a home feels permanent. And, he wants that shared space with her sister wives that she was promised.

“I just want to scream at the idea of buying. We had this really great situation in Las Vegas. Kody comes up with this idea that we’re gonna move. This is the promise that I’ve made to my kids. You are breaking your promise. Because we promised them that we would get back together.”

Robyn Brown is understandably frustrated because she enjoyed what they had before the move. She wants the family to come together. She wants the polygamous relationship and sister wives she married into to be together.

Do you agree with Robyn Brown? Does she have a right to be so upset at Kody? Sound off down below.

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