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Reality Steve Promises To Spoil Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Ending Less Than One Week To Final Rose

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There is less than one week before the epic two night finale of The Bachelor. It has been a wild ride to say the least, especially since spoiler guru Reality Steve has been unable to spoil Peter Weber’s season. While Steve says he is positive he has heard what goes down, he says he has no proof. With that said, Steve is promising to lay it all out for fans this week. He is going to share what he believes happens on Peter’s season in the next few days. In the meantime, below is what he had to say today. Warning! Spoilers ahead. 

Steve is getting closer to spoiling Peter’s season of The Bachelor

The big problem Steve has faced all season is finding enough proof to actually 100% confirm Peter’s season ending. However, he thinks he may have it nailed down. The source who provided the information he feels is very reliable even without solid evidence.

Steve said, “This year I’m gonna tell you what I think happens based on the info I was given, but I never got the confirmation to it I needed.” He is trying to gather a few more details before throwing it all out for fans to see. Once he lays it all out there, everyone will have to sit back and see if it all plays out when Peter’s season comes to a close this coming Monday and Tuesday night.

What did Steve share today?

While the whole story hasn’t been completely laid out today, he did share a few insights. First of all, much to many fans disappointment, Steve says he is 100% sure Peter and Hannah Ann are not a couple today. However, he also says he is not sure if he chose her on final rose ceremony day and then ended it after the show, like Arie did. The reason behind this possible thought is the clip where Peter is seen telling someone at a door how sorry he is and that he never expected this to happen. This was taped post Australia.

Next, it was mentioned on the Women Tell All that Peter does not even know how his season ends. Steve feels this is more of a play on words than an actuality. He also goes on to say that he still believes Madison self eliminates. She either leaves during their last date or on final rose ceremony day. Also, he says, “When Barb is saying “don’t let her go…bring her home to us” that is the same day as when they met Madison.”

So, while he is not 100% sure he is going to tell everyone exactly what he thinks goes down in the next day or two. Keep checking back, we will let you know as soon as it happens! Don’t miss Peter’s dramatic season of The Bachelor finally come to an end March 9 and 10 on ABC.


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