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‘Sister Wives’: Kyle Henderson’s Estranged Wife Angry Over Utah Polygamy Laws

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Sister Wives expressed their shock when Kyle Henderson recently appeared on an episode of the TLC show. They saw Kody with Kyle looking around the property and talking about building. Kyle Henderson was charged with allegedly abusing his first wife, who left him. Now, she talks about the new polygamy stance in Utah, and she’s not impressed.

Sister Wives – a reminder on Kyle Henderson, Kody’s friend

TV Shows Ace first reported about Kyle Henderson back in July last year. Word came out that Kody offered to character witness testify for his friend Kyle. In 2018,  the tabloid media reported on a story that Mitchell Kyle Henderson allegedly beat his first wife. Later, the host of  Polygamy: What Love Is This? spoke to Henderson’s ex-wife Nicole Henderson.

She claimed that he beat her and then told her to “slit [her] throat.” It all went down in front of the kids, apparently. However, they later denied it in court. When Kody appeared with him on the Sister Wives show, we followed up with more information. We reported that he got charged with “six felonies for assault, domestic violence, and witness tampering.” But in the end, he did a plea deal on two counts and got off with a good behavior probational term of a year and a fine of $400.

Nicole Van Tassell Henderson, first wife of Kyle Henderson speaks on Utah laws

After Utah passed a bill reducing polygamy offenses, Nicole, who left Kyle spoke to All About The Tea. And, she’s not impressed, believing the state simply won’t look after families involved in bigamy. The outlet noted in their exclusive that she was unfairly treated. After all, Utah claims to look out for victims of domestic violence. But, she got the small slice of the cake when it came to Kyle.

The first wife of the Sister Wives friend noted: “I am living proof that the state of Utah WILL NOT DO THAT.” She also said that via the courts in the State, the victims just get re-victimized over and over.” Nicole says that she’s one example. After all, she filed for divorce and he now lives with another woman. As his first wife, Nicole wants her rights, like her “half of ALL THE MARITAL ASSETS.” However she never got that, and she was the victim in all of this.

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives is ecstatic about the new law changes

Over on her Twitter, Janelle brown had another take on it. Also in a polygamous relationship for years, she thinks it’s rather wonderful, we reported.  She shared a post by another family about it. Her caption read, “This is absolutely wonderful!”

What do you think about Kyle Henderson’s ex-wife saying she’s got no faith in the new Utah laws about polygamy? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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