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‘Catfish’ Season 6 Nicole Riot Update: Where Is She Now?

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Season 6, Episode 18 of MTV’s Catfish was an interesting episode for Nev Schulman and Max Joseph as they got to know a young woman named Nicole Riot. The episode was uniquely titled, “Nicole & Nicole.” The episode originally aired on August 2nd, 2017. With Season 8 current airing on MTV and the previous seven seasons available for streaming via Hulu, the series Catfish still has a pretty loyal and kicking fan base.

So, it goes without saying that fans of the MTV series frequently google names from past episodes. Hoping for some sort of update. Nicole Riot’s unique and bold style caused her to be a popular mask in the catfish world. The question is: how is Nicole Riot doing now? Well, we’ve done a little digging and she does have an active Instagram account. Here’s what we’ve been able to find about Nicole Riot from Season 6 of Catfish.

Who is Nicole Riot from Catfish?

The episode of Season 6 starring Nicole Riot wasn’t a typical episode of Catfish. That perhaps is one of the reasons why her name gets searched on Google and various social media platforms so often. Nicole Riot reached out to Max and Nev because she had turned into a bit of a social hermit. She was afraid for her life. Turns out, people were actively using her pictures on various profiles as they catfished people. Some of these profiles had been around for years. They even used pictures of her when she was just a teenager.

Nicole Riot revealed to Max and Nev that she had reached a point in being afraid to do much socializing in the real world. She would get approached by random strangers who confronted her about being catfished or mistreated online. Nicole added that she got TONS of messages from random strangers accusing her of being fake.

The drama caused Nicole Riot to lose her serious girlfriend. And, she had closed her social circle completely. She revealed she only had one real friend. Her real friend confirmed the situation had changed her personality completely.

Nev and Max set out to help Nicole Riot. To see if they could shut down some of the people pretending to be her. They even enlisted the help of Catfish Brasil hosts Ciro Sales and Ricardo Gadelha.

Nicole Riot Update: Where is She Now?

During Season 6, Episode 18 of MTV’s Catfish, it was revealed that Nicole Riot was homosexual. She opened up about how challenging it was for her because of how religious her parents were.

According to her Instagram profile, she currently has a girlfriend named Veronica (or Ronnie for short). Roughly 30 weeks ago, Nicole Riot declared her love for Ronnie on Instagram.

A little over nine months ago, Ronnie took to Instagram to wish Nicole a happy 2/3 months anniversary. So, it appears as if the happy couple has been together for a little over a year now.

Nicole Riot does have a Twitter account as well. But, she has not been active on the account in a few years.

Overall, things seem to be going great for Nicole Riot who in addition to loving her girlfriend Ronnie also has a noticeable love for cats and bold cosmetic choices.

Are you happy knowing Nicole Riot has moved on with her life? What victim or culprit from Catfish would you like to have an update on? Sound off in the comments down below.


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