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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Season 9: What To Expect

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It’s been a long four months for Bringing Up Bates fans. However, it is almost time for fans of the Bates family to see them return to their favorite reality TV series. Wondering what to expect from Season 9 of Bringing Up Bates? Keep reading for all the details!

Bringing Up Bates Season 9 Premiere Date

The UPtv reality series has a premiere date for Season 9 on Thursday, March 5th and 9 p.m. That means in less than a week from now fans of Bringing Up Bates will get to start enjoying their favorite reality family on TV once more!

For those tuning into Bringing Up Bates for the first time, the series focuses on the huge Bates family that resides in East Tennessee. Bringing Up Bates tells the story of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates. They have 19 children. They have seven son and daughter-in-laws. And, they have 14 grandchildren.

Season 8 of Bringing Up Bates ended on a pretty emotional note back in November. It closed out the Season with fans enjoying the wedding of Carlin and Evans Stewart.

Where will the new season pick up?

Season 9 of Bringing Up Bates will pick up right where Season 8 left off. The wedding took place on May 25 of 2019. Fans will get to see what happened during the first few months after their marriage.

During Season 9, fans will see the exploration of new relationships. And, new babies! There is really a lot to look forward to during Season 9 of Bringing Up Bates.

Josie and Kelton Balka welcome Willow

While Season 9 is expected to kick off by covering the honeymoon between Carlin and Evan, that is far from the only big thing happening. Fans will also enjoy the birth of Josie and Kelton Balka’s daughter Willow. According to the synopsis of the first episode, Willow was welcomed into the world on July 19th.

As fans may recall, Josie and Kelton got married in October 5, 2018. They found out they were expecting their first child together shortly after getting married. According to Josie, they were not expecting to bring a child into the world so soon after getting married.

Like previous births in the Bates family, fans can expect Season 9 to cover what labor and delivery was like for Josie and Kelton.

According to their Instagram, fans already know Josie was in labor for nearly two days before giving birth to Willow.

Fans can also expect to see how Josie and Kelton adapt to being both new parents and newlyweds.

Trace and Chaney

At the end of Season 8, fans started to see the relationship growing between Trace and Chaney. The duo met during a skiing trip. Trace introduced her to his family back in February of last year. Season 9 will continue to document the progress in this relationship.

It, however, is worth noting Trace and Chaney are no longer in a relationship. It was at the beginning of this month that Trace confirmed on Instagram they were no longer a couple.

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Sometimes in life you face things you never expected. After many hours of talking and visits, Chaney felt like we were not meant to continue our relationship. Since we are both young, we are still learning a great deal about relationships and communication, but we both feel like we have grown as a result of our time together. Chaney is a very special girl and always will be. I am grateful for our time together. The upcoming new season of Bringing Up Bates will still include episodes that show us together since they were filmed earlier. To avoid confusion, and because so many on social media have asked, I thought it would be best to do a post to explain that we are no longer dating. There are still many emotions, so I’d like to ask for your prayers and consideration while we both adjust. Thank you for your love and encouragement. We both feel grateful to have tremendous family support and friends, and we are thankful for everyone’s enthusiasm and kindness toward us this past year. We know God always uses circumstances to help us grow, and we are both praying for His guidance.

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Trace continued to explain why he decided to share this information. He didn’t want those watching the upcoming episodes of Bringing Up Bates to be confused. After all, they would be portrayed as a couple in Season 9. But, they are no longer together.

Katie Bates and Travis Clark

Bringing Up Bates Season 9 will also give a look at a new and growing relationship for Katie Bates. Fans will watch as she introduces Travis Clark to her family.

Katie Bates has been posting snaps of Travis on Instagram since back in October. Season 9 will likely show how this relationship started and cover Katie introducing him to her family.

More Bates!

It wouldn’t be a Season of Bringing Up Bates if there weren’t new babies coming into the world. We will see Zach and Whitney expecting their third child. This comes after they miscarried in 2018. As fans know, Whitney gave birth to Khloe Eileen on November 7th.

Erin Paine got pregnant not long after Whitney did. She and Chad welcomed Holland Grace into the world on November 26th.

Season 9 will likely detail these pregnancies and births.

We may also see Carlin and Evan give birth to Layla Rae on January 31st . Season 9 may also cover the pregnancy of Tori and Bobby who are due to give birth in April.

Are you excited for Season 9 of Bringing Up Bates? Stick with us for the latest!

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