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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Fans Urge Micah Plath To Try Out For ‘American Ninja Warrior’

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Welcome To Plathville fans met Micah Plath on the TLC show. So far, it only aired one season, and much of that was about Oliva and Ethan clashing with his parents, Kim and Barry. But, fans saw Micah, the third eldest child of the family try out as a model. He’s come a long way since then with his modeling career. Now, fans want to see him try out for American Ninja Warrior.

Welcome To Plathville – Micah Plath felt he didn’t need a TV

On the show, fans first saw Micah in the preview saying how he “grew up without a TV.” He also noted that he felt he “didn’t need one.” It’s ironic that in the show, Micah’s younger sister Lydia couldn’t say what or who Spider-Man was. That’s because these days, his fans think he’s a walking, talking Spider-Man. Actually, Micah loved life down on the farm. His mom Kim said, “I don’t ever see him having a desk job.”

TV Shows Ace noted ahead of the show dropping, that Micah loved the farm life. Fans of Welcome To Plathville saw him out and about doing manly things. At the time, Micah noted, that he hates the idea of living in a “big town.” Actually, he preferred being “outside of a small town.” But it’s unlikely that he stays there forever as he’s got the makings of a great model.

Micah the model, fans want him on TV’s American Ninja Warriors

Nowadays, that inner Spider-Man breaks out now and then. InTouch Weekly reminds fans that Olivia went with Micah “to meet with an agent who could help him start modeling professionally.” Since then, from his social media, it looks like he’s landing some good gigs. Now visiting the beach on vacation, he shared some photos of him looking great.

The Welcome To Plathville star also shared a video of him doing some amazing Spider-Man-like moves, which you can see in the clip below. Fans reacted, and many of them suggested he tries out for American Ninja Warrior. One fan said, “Spider man is that you ?” Another one, maybe his modeling agent, commented, “Spider-Man!!! Not only are you a fabulous model but you have talent!!! Love this! Please don’t break any bones before we go to NYC!!! 😁😜🌟.”

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Other fans suggested he try out for American Ninja Warrior. It would somehow be ironic if he did, and got in, especially as he always felt he didn’t “need” a TV in his life. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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