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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Unimpressed With Troll Who Talks About Adam Busby’s Anger Issues

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OutDaughtered fans know that pretty much Adam Busby’s open about himself on social media. In fact, he’ll sometimes admit to his failings. Now, he shared about losing it with one of the kids’ ride-on toys. Fans agreed that almost every parent does that from time to time. And, they seemed very unimpressed with a troll who commented on Adam’s anger issues.

OutDaughtered – Adam shares about a ride-on toy and how he got angry

On Wednesday, Adam took to his Instagram and shared a short video clip. It showed a ride-on toy in the yard. Then, the toy flew through the air and broke into pieces. Adam captioned it with, “Any other dads out there relate to this…?” Adam then explained that they experienced heavy “wind gusts this morning.” He continued by pointing out that “ride on toys that get left in the driveway get blown behind vehicles and up against vehicles. ”

It turned out that rushing off in the morning, the Outdaughtered dad backed into it with the “buzz bus.” Adam then said that he’s “not proud of losing [his] temper.” Because it was already damaged, Adam noted, “it felt good to throw it.” Well, plenty of people empathized with that. One person said, “You are not alone man! I feel better I’m not the only one.” Others also noted they many a time threw away Legos and the like as they got angry after stepping on them.

Troll talks anger issues, fans are not impressed

A couple of people came along to voice their disapproval. One of them got more than 145 people to tell them they felt less than impressed with them.

The troll wrote, “The real problem is you have anger issues.” As if they personally know him, and have to right to tell Adam what to do, they continued with, “If you put ot up at night or have the girls help put up their things you would not have to deal with this, (sic).” Finally, the troll ended with, “I only watch your show for your family.  you i could deal without as you are so angry all the time.”

Plenty of OutDaughtered fans went after the troll. One told them, “You going to tell me that you never step on a toy on your way out and lose it. We all have. It was a bike and not his babies that he love so much.” Then another pointed out, “cause you know him personally…. not like the edit stuff for TV or anything, (sic). 🙄 it’s called, HE’S HUMAN! We all lose our tempers, sometimes. Thing is, he’s man enough to admit it and move forward.”

OutDaughtered dad gets loads of critics

TV Shows Ace noted that the last time Adam opened up about himself, someone trolled on him for being “lame.”  It seems to some people, that critics simply hang around waiting to find fault with the OutDaughtered dad no matter what. Plus, Cheatsheet noted that Adam and Danielle might get so many critics because they are so often open about their relationship and their failings.

What did you think of the clip that Adam shared about the ride-on toy? Do you think he demonstrated very bad anger issues? Or, do you think most parents let out their frustration with toys lying around at one stage or another? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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