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‘Bachelor’ Contestant Madison Prewett Gets Support For Fantasy Suite Ultimatum

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Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett is getting support for her ultimatum during Fantasy Suite week. Former Bachelorette contestant Luke P. defended her. Even the bachelor himself, Peter Weber, stood up for Madison’s beliefs. He doesn’t feel that she gave him a ultimatum.

Bachelor Nation is split over her ultimatum. It’s a hot topic. Some fans feel that Madison is manipulating Peter. Other fans applaud Madison for standing up for her beliefs. It’s not just Bachelor viewers who are talking about this episode. Even Christians are jumping into the conversation. Read on to learn more.

Bachelorette contestant Luke P. defends Madison Prewett

As per People, Luke Parker defended Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett after she revealed to Peter Weber that she didn’t want him to sleep with the other women during the Fantasy Suite dates. Luke is famous for doing something similar. He appeared during Hannah Brown’s season of the Bachelorette. He told Hannah that he didn’t want her to sleep with the other contestants.

Being in fourth place led to his elimination. He also received backlash from Bachelor Nation. The controversy also gave fans Hannah’s iconic “Jesus still loves me” line. Viewers have been drawing similarities between Luke and Madison ever since the Fantasy Suite dates aired on Monday night. Even Luke feels that their situation is “familiar.”

He posted a photo of himself with a surprised look on his face during a Crossfit event. He captioned the photo: “My face when the fantasy suite situation is too familiar. With that being said I haven’t been watching this season but I got the lowdown and I am proud of @madiprew for standing firm in her convictions. Keep doing you girl!”

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Madison told Peter that she is saving herself for marriage. She also revealed that she “wouldn’t be able to say yes to an engagement and continue to move forward if you have slept with the other women.”

That’s when he revealed he was “intimate” with the two other contestants, Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller. Madison excused herself from their date and left. He cried and begged for her not to leave him.

Peter Weber doesn’t feel that Madison give him an ultimatum

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Peter defended Madison. He feels that she did not give him a sex ultimatum and that he “can’t fault her for sharing her heart.” He spoke to THR about the situation earlier this week and released the following statement.

“I have nothing but respect for her and telling me what was on her heart,” Peter said. “I could tell she was very uncomfortable and did not want it to come across as an ultimatum. There’s a difference there. And she just felt like it was important for me to know that if I did something like that, it would be tough for her to move forward with the relationship.”

After the two other Fantasy Suite dates, Madison explained why she gave Peter the ultimatum. Obviously, her faith is important to her. She wants to find the right guy to marry before she gets intimate with him. That’s not the case for Peter since he’s slept with the other two contestants. He’s also slept with other people before as Bachelor Nation might recall from Hannah B’s season. It’s obvious that they have different viewpoints when it comes to intimacy.

The future of Peter and Madison’s relationship remains unclear. The aftermath of their conversation has not been played out yet on the show. Peter told THR that he 100% supports Madison’s decision to save herself until marriage. But he also told People on Wednesday that he wished he had known about Madison’s views sooner.

Christians come out in support of the Bachelor contestant

The Fantasy Suite dates didn’t just get Bachelor Nation talking. Two Christians are coming out in support over Madison’s ultimatum. Contributor Emily Jahinsky of The Federalist believes that every Bachelor contestant should follow Madison’s lead when it comes to intimacy. She feels that all contestants on the franchise should abstain from being intimate throughout the competition.

Emily also admitted that while she’s not an avid fan of the Bachelor, she understands why people watch the dating competition. In her opinion piece, she supported Madison and slammed the premise of the Fantasy Suite dates.

“Christian or not, the Fantasy Suite option is gross. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Windmill Pete is genuinely in love with three different women. S*x will not clarify their feelings, it will confuse them. Aside from being a reasonable way to test Pete’s devotion, Madison’s request was in everyone’s best emotional interest.”

Showbiz CheatSheet spoke to Alexia Anast, a Christian model and pageant contestant who received the title of Miss South Las Vegas USA in 2020. She also believes that people should abstain from intimacy until marriage for mental and physical reasons. However, she feels that people should also be attracted to the person they’re dating.

Alexia revealed that Madison could have told Peter sooner, but she also feels that it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“However, I can see why she may have waited… In this show’s case, there was a chance that Peter would have chosen to not get intimate with the other girls after falling in love with Madison. I think Madison told him at the perfect time.”

Madison’s decision to save herself until marriage has become a hot conversation in and out of the Bachelor world. What are your thoughts? Sound off below in the comments section.

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