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‘The Bachelor’ Madison Prewett’s Dad Stands Up For Her On Twitter

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Madison Prewett has been getting a lot of backlash since recent episodes of The Bachelor aired. Now, her dad is supporting her and her actions on the show and in life.

‘The Bachelor’ drama continues

The Bachelor is just a couple weeks away from the season finale. However, true fans know that that means the drama is really just beginning. It’s been no secret that the ending to Peter’s season would be super different from other seasons. So much so that it hasn’t even really been spoiled yet. It’s becoming apparent some of this drama may have to do with Madison.

Madison decided to keep it a secret from Peter that she is saving herself until marriage. This is a totally respectable decision and Peter made sure to show his support. However, the controversy started when Madison essentially gave Peter an ultimatum.

She told him if he was intimate with either of the other girls, she would probably have to just go home. She said she couldn’t be engaged to a man who just slept with another woman six days earlier. Again, super respectable, but Peter is in serious relationships with two more women. Ultimately, he was intimate with another woman and Madison wasn’t happy. Neither were fans, however, they are more upset with Madison.

Not everyone was upset though. Some stood up for Madison and thought it was great that she was so strong. That’s where her dad came in to talk about how that’s how strong she always is Us Weekly says.

The whole episode showed how strong the bond is between Madison and her family. Clearly that bond continues despite whatever will happen at the end of the season. Some speculate she will just leave, others think she may and leave and come back. At this point, we can’t really tell.

Peter’s other relationships

Peter still has two more relationships to work through in addition to Madison. One is with Hannah Ann who personally, I think he has the next strongest bond with. Then, there’s Victoria. Victoria has been pretty upset every single time she has talked with Peter. However, he has kept her around this long so he must really like her.

What do you think of Madi and her “ultimatum” she gave Peter? Do you think it was fair or was she being really strict? Let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to watch the new episode of The Bachelor when it airs Monday on ABC. 

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