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Duggar: Jana Goes Bowling With Her Younger Siblings – Fans React Sadly

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Duggar fans took notice when Jana Duggar shared about going bowling with her younger siblings. Some critics reacted rather sadly to the news that she shared on Instagram. After all, Jana’s 30, and it hardly sounds like a riveting outing for an adult on a weekend night.

Duggar fans know Jana’s 30, pretty much a mom to her sibling

TV Shows Ace reported that Jana Duggar celebrated her 30th birthday at a rather dull-sounding convention in Las Vegas. The Counting On stay-at-home, never married star went to the “2020 Winter Las Vegas Market, a convention [where] home and gift industry professionals gather.” Her low-key birthday got fans wondering what’s next for Jana. After all, she lives with her parents and spends a lot of time taking on a mom-role with her younger siblings.

What freaked out fans was the fact that Jim Bob went along to the convention as well. Surely, fans felt, he could leave his daughter alone to enjoy her own passion for five seconds. Well, it almost comes over as though Jim Bob and Michelle prefer her remaining single. After all, she’s like a built-in babysitter. That probably accounts for why Jana accompanied her younger Duggar siblings on the bowling outing.

Jana goes bowling and its sad, Reddit users think

Over on her Instagram, Jana posted a photo of her out with the younger kids. Proudly, she noted she never came last when they bowled. Loads of fun comments came in from loyal followers. Nobody really trolled on Jana on Instagram. One fan said, “So glad you seemed to have fun! As a long time member of league bowling, I can tell you that bowling participation is going down. Personally I feel the sport is one of the last vestiges of good ole fashioned fun!”

Reddit users, however, know that bowling can be fun. But, maybe not so much fun hanging with the younger kids. Rather sadly, one person noted, “Now it would have really been exciting if she could have gone with just friends and not 10 little accountability partners.” Then another Duggar critic wrote, ” Nothing says weekend vibes like being the 30 year old chaperone for your sheltered teenage siblings and their buddies at the bowling alley.”

Stay-at-home Jana Duggar

Cheatsheet speculated that it’s become a way of life for Jana being a chaperone to the little kids. In fact, they theorized that Jim Bob and Michelle wouldn’t have it any other way. The outlet noted, “Jana plays a pivotal role in helping run the big Duggar home. Without her, Jim Bob and Michelle would have way more on their plates.”

What do you think about Jana playing bowls with her younger siblings on a weekend night? Do you agree it sounds rather limiting and sad? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about TLC’s Duggar Family.

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