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Anna Duggar Gets ‘Outsmarted’ By Fish During Family Outing

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The weather was nice in Arkansas last week and Anna Duggar decided to take advantage of it. About a week ago she and her six children went to a local pond to enjoy a little sunshine.

Fortunately for Duggar fans, Anna was generous with snapshots of the family outing.

Anna Duggar shared six pictures of herself and her children having a wonderful time.

Based on the caption and the snapshots, the fishing trip looked to be a last minute family outing. Each of the children were still bundled up in light jackets suggesting it was still a little chilly outside. The sun, however, was clearly shinning. Her children looked to be having a fabulous time.

The caption of her collection of snapshots reveals she made a contest out of the local fishing trip.

She divided her children into boys vs girls. The contest? To see who could catch the most fish.

As her caption went on to detail the trip, she suggested the contest ended up being a tie. Unfortunately, neither the boy or girl team successfully caught a fish. Based on the bright smiles in the photos, however, it did not appear as if the children minded.

Details of the six photos.

The first photo in the collection was a group snapshot of all her children. It included Mackynzie, 10, Michael, 8, Marcus, 6, Meredith, 4, Mason, 2, and their 3-month-old sister Maryella. Maryella was sitting in her car seat with a blanket on top of her.

The second photo in the collection featured Anna and Josh Duggar’s two oldest children. They were holding fishing poles. Competing to catch the most fish.

One photo featured Meredith sitting with her brother Mason in her lap as they gazed out at the water together.

The mother-of-six did actively fish with her children. Anna Duggar rocked large red rubber boots as she posed with Mackenzie in one of the snaps.

Each of the photos featured some (or all) of the children. They were having a wonderful time as they competed to catch the most fish. Notably, Josh Duggar was not in any of the photos. So, it is unclear as to if he was with them on the fishing trip.

Anna Duggar jested in the comments that she and her children were “outsmarted” by the fish.

“The girls and boys each caught a grand total of… 🥁 0! I guess the fish outsmarted us this time! 🐠 🐟”

Her followers were here for the photos and the trip, some offered fishing tips.

Some of Anna’s followers gushed about how great making memories such as this would be for her children as they grew. Others took a moment to offer tips on what bait might have been more successful at catching fish.

“I don’t know what you used as bait, but it works for us when we use little pieces of a hot dog. 🙂” One follower suggested.

Another chimed in: “You have a beautiful family. Your life is a testimony and your desire to Glorify God is a blessing to watch.”

Overall, everyone seemed thrilled Anna was generous enough to offer this window into a special moment she shared with her children.

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