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‘The Bachelor’ 2020: Another Theory Surfaces About Peter Weber And Madison Prewett

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The Bachelor is all new tonight and is sure to bring more drama. This week is Peter Weber’s fantasy suite dates. There’s only one problem. Madison Prewett is making it clear to Peter that she is not okay with him being intimate with the other ladies. With Madi’s dilemma and no concrete spoilers about Peter’s mysterious ending, rumors are running wild.

A new theory surfaces about Madison and Peter

Cosmopolitan has found a new fan theory that could indicate who wins Peter’s heart. According to their article, fans have been digging deep. Fans are grasping at every straw they can and turning over every stone to find out the winner.

Fans can recall just recently Madison was seen filming with Bachelor crews in Alabama. Remember, filming for the final rose ceremony wrapped up in November. So with that piece of information and this new found detail, could Madi be the winner?

Peter is a partner in the charity Seed to Mountain Ministries. As it turns out Madison’s Dad follows them on Instagram and now the charity has followed him back. Coincidence or a sign? Another sign, Madison also follows the charity. Peter is planning a trip in May with Seed to Mountain and it is almost a sure bet the winner will accompany him. So could this indicate she wins or is everyone still just grasping at straws?

What other theories exist about this season?

There are a lot of theories out there right now about how Peter’s season will end. He has said himself that his season of The Bachelor will not be spoiled. He even called out Reality Steve saying he wouldn’t’ figure it out. So far he’s right. Steve has not given any concrete endings just yet, but he claims he is pretty sure he has finally figured it out.

One interesting theory is that Peter does not end up with any of the girls on his season, but rather is with his producer. Steve says that is absolutely ridiculous and not true. Some are still holding out hope that somehow he returns to Hannah Brown.

Another theory recently surfaced that he chooses Hannah Ann Sluss. She mentioned in an Instagram post that she was moving in two weeks. She said this to Hannah Godwin who lives in Los Angeles. It’s all just guesses at this point.

Everyone will know soon enough. In the meantime, don’t miss tonight’s dramatic episode of The Bachelor on ABC.


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