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Peter Weber Of ‘The Bachelor’ Talks About Why He Couldn’t Stop Cancelling Things

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It seemed like this season of The Bachelor showed Peter just really liked cancelling things. He cancelled a pool party after some drama with the girls got to him. He cancelled a cocktail party because he said he got the clarity he needed. It felt to fans like a lot of cancelling, however, Peter Weber says he knew exactly what he was doing.

The first time he cancelled something, it was a group date. It was right after Hannah Brown came back to mix things up. She had an emotional breakdown and it completely threw him. There’s been plenty of drama with the girls and with Peter’s emotions, so what was with his penchant to run away?

Peter Weber Says He Knew What He Wanted To Do

Peter Weber said he didn’t want to delay what had to happen. He felt sympathy for the girls having been on the other side. Peter said he knew who he was sending home so he didn’t want to put them through a party knowing they weren’t staying.

He also said the pool party he cancelled because of the Alayah drama, was because he just needed to decompress. Peter said, “I was taking so much from everyone and it was tough. I was kind of just overwhelmed and I didn’t like what I was hearing about people, what they were saying about Alayah.”

He said this was much harder on him but he liked it more than being on The Bachelorette. Peter said, “being the Bachelor, you’re very lucky to have a lot of amazing women there trying to pursue a relationship with you as well.” Weber said, “I’ve never had that huge personality so group dates were always a little weird for me. I didn’t want to have to try too hard to stick out.” Obviously, he likes it better because all the women are coming for him.

Does He Wish He’d Done Some Things Differently?

According to The Cheat Sheet, Peter said he made every decision based on his heart. He said he always made what he thought was the right decision. Now coming out on the other side he says it’s easy for people to judge his choices. He said, “of course I wish I did things differently. I think anyone going through this kind of experience would have that.”

Fans wondered what he was doing letting Kelsey Weier go and keeping around Victoria Fuller when he didn’t meet her parents. Peter said about his season, “I give myself a lot of self-grace. I don’t beat myself up at all. I know I could have put my foot down a lot more in a lot of situations but I am also a person–I love to give people the benefit of the doubt.”

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