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Ashley Iaconetti Supports Madison Prewett’s Decision To Hide Her Virginity From Peter Weber

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Ashley Iaconetti has something in common with Madison Prewett. She also talked about her virginity in a previous season of The Bachelor. Like Madison, she wanted to save herself for marriage. Madison Prewett has opened up about her virginity on this season of The Bachelor.

But there’s one small problem. Peter doesn’t know that she’s a virgin. Of course, being a virgin in Bachelor Nation isn’t a big deal. The show has featured virgins in the past. Now Ashley and her husband Jared Haibon are sharing their thoughts on Madison’s decision to keep her virginity a secret from Peter Weber. The couple ran into Us Weekly during their partnership with Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles.

Ashley Iaconetti supports Madison Prewett’s decision to hide her virginity

Ashley seems keen with the idea of Madison Prewett hiding her virginity from Peter Weber.

“She told him about her faith a couple weeks ago, and he seemed receptive to it and wanted to grow in that department. In not telling him about her being a virgin, I feel like that’s fine,” Ashley said. “It looks like she is telling him in the beginning of next episode since she pulls him aside after the rose ceremony and that’s going into fantasy suites.”

The Bachelor in Paradise alum hopes that Madison will inform Peter before the Fantasy Suite dates happen. Ashley doesn’t think there’s any need for Madison to reveal that information any sooner.

“It’s a private thing that you probably don’t want to bring up until that point in this weird Bachelor process,” Ashley added.

Her husband also seemed to agree, adding: “I don’t have an issue with her waiting to tell him.”

The Bachelor alum also said that Madison’s ultimatum could backfire on her like it did with a previous contestant. On The Bachelorette with Hannah Brown, contestant Luke Parker boldly told her not to sleep with anyone else on the show. He caused some drama when he threatened to end her relationship if she slept with anyone else during the Fantasy Suite dates. Hannah coolly said that “Jesus still loves me” after her infamous night in the windmill with Peter.

Madison Prewett makes her virginity confession

The contestant revealed in a confessional interview on Monday, February 17 that she was saving herself for marriage. But she didn’t inform Peter yet about her decision. Ashley told Us Weekly that she already has a feeling as to what’s going to happen with the rest of the season. She thinks that Peter is going to hook up with Victoria Fuller during his Fantasy Suite date. Ashley also exclaimed that she feels that Madison will leave after she finds out and he will try to win her back.

Ashley Iaconetti promotes virginity despite being married

As Fox News reported, the Bachelor alum shared an inspirational message with her fans. Earlier this month, Ashley shared the following selfie of herself wearing a T-Shirt that read, “Virginity Rocks.” The shirt was a Christmas gift from Jared. In the Instagram post, the reality star wrote that from the moment she revealed to the world that she was a virgin, people would ask her “many questions as to why.” She gave those also waiting an important message.

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I was puzzled on Christmas morning when I opened this shirt Jared got for me. He said he thought it would make for a good Instagram, so here it goes. For years I felt left out and awkward when the topic of sex would come up. In grad school, I would always do my best to change the subject or go to the bathroom when my friends would start talking about sex. Whenever I’d admit that I was a virgin, people would ask so many questions as to why. I just thought I’d use this shirt as a means to say, it doesn’t matter why and it doesn’t matter how old you are. You’re not weird and you’re not alone. Talk about it if you want or don’t talk about it if you don’t want. Just remember to embrace your decisions and trust God’s timing in your life.

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“You’re not weird and you’re not alone. Talk about it if you want or don’t talk about if you don’t want. Just remember to embrace your decisions and trust God’s timing in your life.”

Back in 2015, Ashley revealed to Bachelor Nation that she was a virgin during Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor. Three years later, during her interview with Us Weekly, she revealed she had some regret over telling the world that she was a virgin. Ashley said she was tired of the constant questions over whether or not she had sex with him.

Ashley said she often feels “awkward” with talking about sex but she’s trying. She just partnered up with K-Y to feel comfortable with talking about sex and to empower women to have more pleasurable sex.

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You guys watched me talk about my virginity on TV for three years and now I’m here to talk to y’all about @ky_brand. Funny how things change. I had a makeup look on Paradise called “beach glowy” and am now here to recommend another way to get a sexy glow. K-Y and I are calling this look Resting Pleasured Face (#RPF). It’s that undeniable, after-sex glow that you get from using K-Y lube. I’ve been a big fan of K-Y since things started heating up for me in the bedroom, so I’m excited to partner up with them to spread the #RPF word and get ya some goodies to enhance your sex life. Head over to @ky_brand to join the pleasure challenge or visit for more deets. #ad

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Do you agree with Ashley Iaconetti that Madison Prewett had a right to hide her virginity from Peter Weber until Fantasy Suite week? Sound off below in the comments section.

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