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‘The Bachelor’: Did Peter Make A Bad Move Not Asking for Permission On Any Hometown Date?

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The usual process on The Bachelor hometown dates is for the lead to ask each of the parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage. That’s something Peter Weber completely skipped over during the hometown dates on Feb. 17. Is this a bad sign for the ending of the season?

Fans were quick to point out that Peter seems to be making up his own rules. They took to Twitter to share the usual protocol, which Monsters and Critics shared. This is the chance for the lead to ask for permission to marry the daughters, keeping things open for the ending but also making it possible for a smooth transition from the show to being married. By not asking any of the parents for permission, it looks like Peter isn’t even interested in any of them.

Showing Signs of Marriage Proposals

The idea of the hometown dates is for the lead on The Bachelor (and spin-off, The Bachelorette) to get to know the families. This allows the leads to see their contestants in their comfort zone, which is when some of the drama comes out. Season 24’s hometown dates were certainly odd. Most of the episode was spent on Victoria F., and Peter didn’t even get to meet her parents. So, it’s easy to understand why he didn’t ask anyone’s permission there.

For the others, the usual protocol is to ask for permission of those who are most likely to get to the finale. After all, the lead will want a smooth transition. If the parents aren’t going to give permission during the hometown dates, are they really going to say yes at a later point?

Trying to Avoid Drama on The Bachelor

There was already plenty of drama on the hometown dates with Victoria F. This could suggest that Peter decided to avoid as much extra drama as possible. In a previous season, Ben Higgins caused a social media uproar when he told two women he was falling in love with them. Maybe Peter remembered that and decided not to ask any of the parents. This prevents fans getting annoyed about him picking more than one at this point. Surely this is the point he should be gravitating towards one.

The Bachelor fans also suspect that it means Peter isn’t going to pick any of the four women. Reality Steve hasn’t been able to spoil the ending for us, although he’s tried. There has been speculation that Peter doesn’t end up with any of the women. Rumors are also circulating that he ends up with one of the show’s producers. This could all certainly link to the lack of asking for permission on the hometown dates.

What do you think about Peter not asking any of the parents’ permission? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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