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Hannah Brown Regrets Spray Tan: ‘Call Me Burnt Toast’

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The Bachelorette and The Bachelor alum Hannah Brown recently made some changes to her appearance. She decided to treat herself to a spray tan. Unfortunately, it does not appear as if the Dancing with the Stars Season 28 winner got the results she was hoping for. In fact, it was very clear by her Instagram Stories that she regretted her decision.

Hannah Brown took to her Instagram Stories last night to reveal her spray tan.

It was roughly 12 hours ago that Hannah Brown took to her Instagram Stories to reveal she got a spray tan.

“I just got a spray tan… And. I. Look. Crazy.” She said as she had a brief pause between each word. Hannah had her gorgeous locks of hair pulled back into a tiny bun on the top of her head. Despite regretting the tan and hating how it looked she admitted that she still wanted to do a Q&A session with her Instagram followers.

So, The Bachelorette decided to try letting her locks flow down around her face. She hoped having her hair down would mask her terrible fake tan.

Hannah noted that she wasn’t sure she could take her appearance seriously enough to do a Q&A session with her fans. She added that looking at herself all she could see was “burnt toast.” She, however, decided she was going to tough it out and do the Q&A session with her followers anyway.

“You know what? Who cares! I’m just 15 shades darker than normal. But, it’s still me!” She added as she decided to do the Q&A session anyway.

Hannah Brown added a caption to the bottom of the video clip. She revealed she added a filter to the video clips so she wouldn’t look as awful as she moved forward with the Q&A session.

The reality TV star proceeds to answer fan questions.

After enjoying a quick salad, Hannah Brown picked some of her favorite fan questions to answer. One fan wanted to know how Hannah felt about her new life in L.A. Hannah admitted it was hard adjusting to being in a new environment. Living in L.A. has forced her to leave her comfort zone and explore new things. She, however, did love the incredible weather.

Her fans also wanted to know if she’d made any new friends since moving to L.A. She admitted she had made some friends. She, however, isn’t interested in having tons of friends. Hanna prefers a tight circle with close friends.

Other Hannah Brown Stories

Hannah Brown also revealed that she doesn’t use any teeth whitening products to get those sparkling chompers. She, however, does take regular trips to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned.

What do you think about Hannah Brown’s spray tan? Do you think she looks like burnt toast?

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